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How To Prepare for UGC NET?

UGC NET Preparation Plan

UGC NET Preparation PlanEarlier we have published an article on what is UGC NETand it’s examination pattern. This is a continuation of that article. This describes how to face the National Eligibility Test conducted by UGC in a step step by process which will give you some basic preparation techniques.

As UGC NET is a highly competitive examination the candidate should not take it light. He should have theory knowledge though the papers usually come in objective type. The objective type NET examination is a boon for the candidates who prepare systematically. You can easily get eligible if you allocate the requred time for each paper and practice the model papers, besides understanding the basic subject matters.

PAPER-1 (General Paper On Teaching And Reserch Aptitude)
The main objective of this Paper-1 is to decide the candidates’ interest and abilities in Teaching and Research. The ability to understand the subject, reasoning, application of methodological reasoning etc are to be decided by this paper.

This paper includes: 1. Teaching aptitude, 2. Research aptitude, 3. Reading Comprehension, 4. Communication, 5. Reasoning, 6. Logical Reasoning, 7. Data Interpretation, 8. Information and communication Technology, 9. People environment, 10. Higher education System: governance, Ploity and Administration.

The syllabus is very vast. One has to acquire thorough knowledge on every aspect. He has to read the subjects in a most disciplined manner. Keeping note of current affairs, practicing to read and understand the questions and finding the answers promptly are to be adopted by the candidate. He has to do Mock test Practices regularly. Attempting multiple choice questions and also reading the subject from the basics is must.

There are a lot of books available in the market, but standard books should be followed.

PAPER-2 & 3:-
These are the papers that were choosen by the candidate as per his Degree and PG Degree. So he must be having some basic as well as advanced knowledge in them. As question paper will be more complicated and in-depth, one has to prepare for this not according to regular annual exams but to the competitiveness of the exam. Revise the subjects as much as possible. Allocate proper time. Finish one chapter per weak besides practicing model papers each day. With mock tests you will be habituated to speed reading, understanding the subject etc. as well as recognizing the answers without wasting your time. Furthermore you can learn your strong and weak points. It will help you to concentrate on those subjects where you are scoring low.

This is a small endeavour to help you in clearing the UGC NET. We know that this is not full but we think at least some people will be difinetely benifited by this.

UGC NET Examination Date:- December 29, 2013

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