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UPSC CDSE 2015 Preparation Plan and Syllabus

UPSC CDSE Preparation PlanUPSC has released Examination Notification for Combined Defence Services for the year 2015. Many of the candidates have applied for this examination as it is a gateway for those who want to start their life as an officer in defense services. The candidates who can get through this examination can be selected for the courses starting in Indian Military Academy (Dehradun), Indian Naval Academy (Ezhimala), Air Force Academy (Hyderabad) and Officers Training Academy (Chennai) (Men / women) in 2014. After successfully completing these courses they will be absorbed as Lieutenant in the Defense in scale Rs.15,600 to 39,100 with 5400 grade pay and Rs. 6000 as military service pay. So it is quite important to succeed in UPSC CDSE 2015 and prepare for it accordingly.

We, Employment News Today are trying to give some preparation techniques and syllabus in order to help our valuable website viewers in achieving their goal. Best of Luck.

UPSC Combined Defence Services Exam 2015 Syllabus And Preparation Plan

Written test is the main for the selection of candidates in CDSE. As per syllabus each paper carries 100 marks. So careful study is necessary in each branch and more practice is required. For this, candidates should completely understand the examination procedure. After that they should prepare a plan according the examination date. They should prepare dividing the syllabus systematically.

How far the candidate can understand the English language and the vocabulary is the objective of this paper. Questions are given on important issues like Prepositions, Tenses, Articles, synonyms, Antonyms, Vocabulary,  Idioms and phrases, Fill in the blanks, Spelling correction, sentence improvement, Finding errors, Sentence correction, One word substitution and Re-arrangement of jumbled words etc.

To gain command over English, ‘listening, speaking, reading & writing’ are the ways to be followed. Regular practice is required to understand the passage quickly. Meanings of the words should be learnt to have clear understanding of the synonyms and antonyms. Command in grammar is required for sentence correction. If you know the grammar, sentence formation will be easy for you and more marks can be scored in sentence correction.

2:  General knowledge: Subjects and syllabus in this branch are –
History, geography, Science and Indian constitution.

Changes took place at state, national and international level, new governments, new ministry, financial condition, financial survey, bank interest rates, credit policies etc.
Development in science and technology
Nobel prizes, state, national, international awards, Gyanpeeth awards, other awards and rewards in republic day, science, cinema etc.
Recent popular books and authors.
Awards and trophies in national and international sports and games.

This paper is an important one for the success of the candidate selection in UPSC CDS Written Test.  So the candidate has to acquire thorough knowledge on General Knowledge. The fundamental aspects on History, Indian constitution, Economics have to be covered basically by the candidate. Current affairs should be collected from Daily News papers (English and vernacular languages) and get prepared, keeping the examination in view. He / she should prepare notes for current affairs which come in handy at the revision time.

Topics like Arithmetic, Algebra, Trigonometry, Geometry, Mensuration, and Statistics are covered under this head.

ARITHMETIC:- Number system- Natural Numbers, Rational and Real Numbers, Addition, subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Decimal, Fractions, unitary methods, time and Distance, Percentages, Profit and loss, Ratio and proportion.

ALGEBRA:- Basic operations, simple factors, Reminder theorem, HCF, LCM, Theory of Polynomials, Graphical Solutions, Linear Equations.

TRIGONOMETRY:- Use of Trigonometric Tables, Sine X, Cos X, Tangent.

GEOMETRY:- Line and Angles, Similar Triangles, Properties of Angles.

MENSURATION:- Areas of Square, Rectangles, Triangle and circle.

STATISTICS:- Graphical Representation, Histograms, Bar charts.

In Elementary mathematics, the syllabus of 5th to 10th class is to be covered by the candidate.

The candidate has to perform regular practice of mathematics for at least 3 hrs a day.
The exercise part of the Mathematics Text books should be practices. The basic principles are to be by hearted, so that they can be remembered easily and solve without wasting the time in examination.  The Standard books, Model papers are to be regularly solved for better results.

CDSE is a National level Examination, which will be entirely in English language and the competition is very high.  So the candidate has to keep the Examination Date in mind and has to prepare accordingly, by distributing the syllabus as per the time in hand.

The candidates, who have successfully cleared the written examination, will be allowed to appear the Intelligence and Personality test. The Service Selection board (SSB) will conduct this Test. The Mental ability of the candidate will be put onto test by selection board, like
* Situation Reaction Test:-
There will be Questions related to several events, which have to be answered in 30 Minutes.
* Thematic appreciation Test:-
There will be a set of 12 pictures, which are to be understood by the candidate and have to compile a story based upon the pictures shown in 36 minutes only.
* Word association test:-
60 words will be given, which are to be formed into sentences with each word. 15 Seconds time will be given for each word to form sentences.
* Group Test:-
There will be a group of 8 to 10 candidates, who have to participate in Group planning, Group discussion, Debates and outdoor Group task.
* The SSB will conduct the Physical Health test of the candidates by the help of Medical Officers.

The candidates who have successfully cleared the written test, Interview, Medical Test will be sent to training to the respective departments selected by them. The candidates who have opted for Army, Air force and Navy will be sent for 18 months training and the OTA (Officers Training Academy) candidates has to undergo 11 months training.

After completion of the training, it will be considered as the candidate has joined into the service. In Indian Army the candidate will be absorbed as Lieutenant, in Indian Navy as Sub Lieutenant, and in Indian Air force as Flying officer.  As the service grows further the candidates can reach to higher posts like Major Generals.

* Website:-- www.upsc.gov.in
* for applying through online :-- www.upsconline.nic.in

Candidates personality, mental aptitude, psychology are most important for passing the Combined Defense Services Test successfully.
The candidate has to do regular revision of the subjects.
Regular practice and preparation done with concentration is most important for clearing the CDSE.
It should be mastered to answer very accurately and in time by understanding the question.
Regular practice of mathematics.
More number of Model papers is to be solved while the examination date reaches near.
Time bound Practicing of model papers of various subjects.
It should be understood by the candidate that which question is hard to solve and which is easy, and he has to answer the easiest one first and later he has to try the hard or complicated one.

Combined Defense Service Solved paper—Upkar Prakashan.
Combined Defense Services Examination—Jain and Kishore.
The Pearson Guide to English for CDSE—Edgar Thorpe, Showik Thorpe.

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