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Cloud Computing and Career Opportunities in it



Cloud Computing Job OpportunitiesAs per a recent study of Microsoft, Cloud Computing is going to generate some 20 Lakh job opportunities in our Country and it has got potential to generate 1.4 Crore new jobs worldwide. What should be done to enter into this new field of IT sector by the Job aspirants and students?

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing means computing services or resources that are provided over internet or through network.

Suppose there is a Graphic designer, who needs latest software and systems, another person who needs Microsoft applications for smooth running of his office, you and your sister who are studying Engineering and require Linux Platform!

Buying new platforms and software with valid licenses will be a costly affair, if every individual as per his requirements. The software versions also change for every 2 to 3 years, summarily it needs too much amount of money to spend on these.

Cloud computing is the solution to cut these costs. Whatever you want, Linux or Windows, applications, cloud computing enables you to use the applications or platform over network and charge the exact amount according the usage or space only.
We can take some space on rent from cloud to store our downloaded songs, videos when there is insufficient space left in our hard disk.

Suppose any Application requires 16GB memory to run and is not available in our hard disc, we can take a system with that size from cloud on rent to run that application.

Think your friend has sent you an attachment from his Apple Mac which will be opened only on Apple Mac and you have a Windows OS, which does not support to open that attachment, in such case you can take an Apple Mac System from cloud on rent and can open the attachment. You have to pay as per your usage only.

Cloud computing technology is going to be a major revolution in Information Technology sector, which is minimizing the cost of usage as well as creating jobs and careers in this field.

Services Offered by cloud Computing:

Cloud Computing works as a services provider rather than a technical product. It offers us three types of services

Infrastructure: It provides Hardware services like Storage, Memory, Process power and Mobile needs

Platforms: Different types of Operating systems like Linux, Windows, Android, Java and Dot net.

Applications: Different services like Documents, Financial, and Learning Software are being provided by it. Like we pay our electric bills according to our usage, we pay the rent according to our usage of these services.

Cloud Computing and Career Opportunities

Nowadays all IT companies and enterprises are showing much interest in starting cloud based applications. These companies are planning to convert all of their applications into cloud based and also intending to develop new applications as well. So in the next 4 to 5 years there will be a considerable demand for Cloud Computing sector and the professionals in it.

This conversion cloud based applications needs experienced IT Professionals. But companies mostly recruit freshers for developing new applications. New technology always seeks new talent. So the Engineering and IT graduates should have a look on this new emerging and growing field of cloud computing to get a job.

This should not be misunderstood that this new field of cloud computing will bring down the demand for old profile of IT jobs. This is just a new platform on which the older and newer applications can rely upon for backup. This invites the new talented people with the help of the experienced people already in IT sector.

How to choose a course in Cloud Computing?

Already some Universities and Institutes have started different courses and certificate oriented courses. Some commercial companies like VM ware are offering some courses on their own VM ware cloud for Cloud computing.

The below mentioned private Institutes are offering courses on cloud computing. It is better the aspirants consult their seniors who have joined or doing these courses already, before joining anywhere or choosing any course. The job aspirants having Programming knowledge can speak with the faculty of the below mentioned Institutes for better understanding of this Cloud Computing concept.

Indian Institute of Hardware Technology (IIHT), Bangalore and Hyderabad Centers 7-1-212/6, 1st Floor, Lane beside Surya Residency, Shivbagh, Ameerpet, Near S.R. Nagar Police Station, Hyderabd.

Knowledge Labs, Chennai e-mail: cloud.klabs@gmail.com

NxTech Consulting, 14-a. 2nd floor, Aditya Shagun Mall, Bavdhan, Pune 411021 e-mail: mail@nxtech.in

Government organization C-DAC (Centre for Development of Advanced Computing) and JNTU have also introduced some modules in some of their courses on cloud computing. Both these C-DAC and JNTU are conducting seminars on this new Technology. It is quite useful for freshers if they choose this sector. As far as job opportunities concerned the knowledge of cloud computing will be definitely helpful in interviews and selection processes. Recent surveys have shown that there will be some 2 to 5 lakh new job openings in this field in the coming few years.

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