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Important Dates of the Year for Competitive Exams.

Important Dates of the year - National and international

In general awareness section of various competitive examinations it is often observed that couple of questions are given on important dates of the year. If you could remember these important dates, it will be quite helpful to you in competitive examinations. Below are some of the useful Important Dates of the Year given by Employment News Today, which will be quite useful to you.

National Youth Day        12th January
Army Day                      15th January
Desh Prem Divas           23rd January
National Girl Child Day   24th January
National Voters Day       25th January
International Costumers Day 26th January
Republic Day                 26th January
Martyrs Day                   30th January

World Wetlands Day       2nd February
World Marriage Day        Second Sunday of February
Valentine’s Day              14th February
Arunachal Day                20th February
International Mothers Language Day – 21st February
Central Excise Day         24th February
National Science Day      28th February

International Women’s Day 8th March
World Consumers Rights Day15th March
World Forestry Day          21st March
World Day of Water          22nd March
World Meteorological Day 23rd March
World TB Day                  24th March

National Maritime Day       5th April
Samta Diwas                    5th April
World Health Day–            7th April
World Aviation & Cosmonautics Day – 12th April
World Heritage Day           18th April
Civil Service Day                21st April
World Earth Day                22nd April
World Book Day                23rd April
World Ekta Divas               24th April

May Day                            1st May
World Press Freedom Day   3rd May
World Red Cross Day          8th May
Mother’s Day                      2nd Sunday of May
National Technology Day     11th May
International Day of Families 15th May
World Telecommunications Day 17th May
Anti- Terrorism Day              21st May
Commonwealth Day             24th May
No-Tobacco Day                  31st May

International Day of Innocent Children victims of Aggression Day – 4th June
World Environment Day        5th June
World Blood Donation Day    14th June
World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought 17th June
World Refugee Day               20th June
International Widows Day      23rd June
World Diabetes Day              27th June

Doctors Day                        1st July
World Population Day           11th July
Nelson Mandela Day            18th July

World Breast Feeding Day    1st August
Hiroshima Day                      6th August
Nagasaki Day                       9th August
Quit India Day                       9th August
Sadhbhavana Divas                20th August
National Sports Day               29th August

Teacher’s Day, Sanskrit Day  5th September
World Literacy Day                8th September
International First Aids Day    13th September
International Day of Peace      21st September

International Day of the Elderly 1st October
World Vegetarian Day              2nd October
World Habitat Day                    5th October
International Day of Natural Disaster Reduction 7th October
Indian Air Force Day                  8th October
Post Office Day / World Post Day 9th October
National Postal Day                  10th October
World Disaster Reduction Day   13th October
World Food Day                        16th October
International Day of Eradication of Poverty 17th October
Police Commemoration Day       21st October
UN Day                                    24th October

Pneumonia Day                         2nd November
Children’s Day                           14th November
International Day for Elimination of violence against Women - 25th November

World AIDS Day                        1st December
World Disabled Day                    3rd December
Navy Day                                   4th December
Armed Forces Flag Day              7th December
Human Rights Day                     10th December
National Energy Conservation Day 14th December
Minorities Rights Day                  18th December
Farmers Day (Kisan Divas)           23rd December

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