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SSC MTS Non-Technical Exam Syllabus and Preparation Plan.

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SSC MTS Paper – I Syllabus and preparation plan

Though the examination is at national level the syllabus will be of Matriculation level. So there should not be any sort of doubt in candidates mind about the syllabus for the easy preparation and can answer comfortably. The fundamentals of all the required subjects are to be acquired. So the candidates can attend the examination with most confidence. Moreover the candidate can attempt in vernacular language, so he need not to have worry about Paper-I.

SSC MTS Exam General Intelligence and Reasoning.

This covers Problem solving, Analysis, Judgment, Decision Making, Visual Memory, Relationship Concepts, Arithmetical Number series, Non verbal series. The main object of this subject is to decide the candidate’s knowledge in Relation between symbols, Analytical Functions and Arithmetical Knowledge.


25 Marks have been allocated to this subject. With fundamental knowledge of the subject, a candidate can understand the Questions. He needs to read the questions twice for the better answering.

To score maximum marks in this section one has to read and solve previous year’s Question papers, model papers as much as possible. The most essential qualities required here are speed and accuracy in problem solving.

SSC MTS Exam Numerical Aptitude.

This section Includes problems relating to Number Systems, Decimals and fractions, Computation of Whole numbers, Relationship between numbers, Fundamental Arithmetical operations, Percentages, Ratio and proportion, Averages, Interest, Profit and Loss, Discount, Tables and Graphs, Time and Distance, Time and work, Ratio and Time.


As it contains 25 questions candidates should avail the chance of attending the less questions in it. He/She need to follow the shortcut methods in problem solving for the above mentioned topics in Numerical Aptitude. By this he can get maximum marks and can attempt all the questions.

He / She have to practice the sample papers thoroughly. They have to concentrate on topics like Addition, Multiplication, subtraction, LCM, HCF, Tables, Graphs, Profit and loss, Ratios, Averages, Percentages, so that the candidate can solve the problems easily with the proper time management. It is advised to attempt this subject at last in order to manage the Time.

SSC MTS Exam General English.

The candidate’s command over English is being tested in this section. This includes basics of English Language, Vocabulary, Grammar, Sentence structure, synonyms, Antonyms, and its correction. Writing ability of the candidate will also be tested.


This section contains 50 Questions, which will be mostly come from fundamentals. Normally candidates fear off English subject by all irrespective of their medium. So you need more concentrative study and practice to get maximum marks. Study the previous papers and notice the question pattern and then practice thoroughly. If any trouble detected, it’s grammar section need to be read thoroughly. In comprehension part fast reading and better understanding skills have to be developed for early answering with less consumption of time. It is better to read the questions first and later the passage, this trick helps candidates to reach to the answers at the earliest.

SSC MTS Exam General Awareness

To test the ability of the candidate’s general awareness of the environment in which he is living is the main intention of including this subject in SSC exams. This includes knowledge of current events and of such events which of everyday observation in the scientific aspects. This subject includes matters relating to India and its relations with other countries in respect to History, Culture, Geography, Economics, Indian constitution and developments in science.


This subject contains 50 Marks. It is a subject which needs regular study of events happening in our country as well as in other countries. Regular update of the events is very much necessary. Current affairs are the most important topic in General awareness. The events occurred throughout the globe from the last six months before the examination date, mostly come under current affairs. Typically Personalities in news, Places in News, Census, Seminars, Meetings and conferences, National , International, Sports, Awards, Economic structure are to be read by the candidates. He/she has to make a regular practice of reading Newspapers in Telugu/English and to draw notes for future reference. Present reforms in economic political, geographic and cultural aspects are to be studied with most discipline.

For better reading and understanding of Indian Constitution he /she has to revise the topics covered in Social Studies Subject  from Class 6th to 10th. The present GDP, fiscal policies, targets are to be studied for Indian Economic system. The topics like most respected scientific research centers and the researches going on in different scientific fields, their progress, renowned scientists have to be seen by the candidates.

Points to Remember for SSC MTS Examination 2013.

Every topic need to covered and understood in SSC MTS competitive examination perspective.

The theories, principles and rules of reasoning, numerical ability must be studied and practiced for easy applicability. At least 30 questions from each chapter need to be practiced.

While solving the model papers, the easiest questions to be solved first later the complicated questions and the same should be followed in the examination hall too.

The correct application of shortcut methods in solving mathematics should be learnt. This minimizes the time consumption and improves the accuracy.

Candidates must spend much time in solving the questions related to General English and General Awareness which contains 50 marks respectively.

Best of luck!

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Date of Written Examination: 2013 March 10, 17
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