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Education in Germany, Eligibility, Documents Required, Tuition Fee and Visa Procedures

Education in Germany - Know How?

About Germany
Germany is regarded as a land of ideas and is often the most inspiring destination for students which offers free education unlike in other countries. The education in the country is also considered as of high standards as it provides students the chance of doing internships or programs that allows them to have direct interaction with the industries as part of their study. Many universities also have a tie up with top companies like Siemens, SAP, DPWN, Bosch or BMW that enhances job opportunities for students.
Education system in Germany
There are many well established and old universities in Germany run by public and private institutions offering best education in the world. These universities can be classified as State universities, State polytechnic universities and also state technical universities where education is basically offered in the mother tongue German but there are some universities which offer in English to accommodate the international students. Most of the universities offer masters programs in engineering field and some options for doctoral programs too. There are limited specializations in the programs. But there is some flexibility for the international students to choose different courses offered in paid education as compared to free education universities by the state. But quality of education doesn’t differ whether paid or free education in Germany.

Entry criterion in Germany

Academic qualification: Academic qualification for any bachelor’s degree is to have a 10+ 2 education or equivalent and for a master’s program one has to have a bachelor’s degree prior to admission. To avail free education one should have past academic record in the respective field they opt to join and only those who have good scores can easily get seats in top universities. Moreover good GRE score also add weight to one’s profile in getting a university seat and others may have to look out for paid education.
Germany offers limited choice for doctoral programs and shall be selected on a case to case basis. For more details regarding this one can contact our offices.

Proficiency in language: Any student wishing to pursue education in Germany should be fluent in English with good scores in IELTS, TOFEL or any other English proficiency test to get admission as well as visa. Those who have proficiency in Germany and have passed any exams are given priority and they can also choose courses that are partly taught in German language. 

Intake Period and Duration of German Universities and Institutions

Main Intakes during Winter season (October)
Other Intakes – spring-Jan/Feb and Summer for limited universities (April/May)

Admission Process:

The admission process in German universities is strictly based on merit with very few seats available in each university. The selection process is also a bit complex with weightage given to various aspects in one’s academic profile. The documentation process is also a bit complex as everything has to be in detail and some documents also need to be attested and translated into German language.
One has to apply both online and on paper for the submission and the process takes somewhat 3 to 4 months time. But as admissions are closed promptly it is better for one to start the process of applying to universities in advance of 6- 8 months. (For more details one can contact our offices).

Documents required to study in Germany

Passport (Xerox 1st 2 pages and last 2 pages with Attestation from German Consulate)
Passport size photographs
Resume in European CV format (soft copy word document format)
Statement of Purpose (SOP) soft copy - different for each university
Board of Intermediate (Xerox copy attested from German Consulate)
Secondary school certificate (Xerox copy attested from German Consulate)
IELTS or TOFEL or English proficiency Certificate attested From University professor
Bachelors Provisional and Original Degree (if available) (Xerox copy attested from German Consulate)
Students who have completed have to submit consolidated marks memo (Xerox copy attested from German Consulate)
At least 2 Recommendation letters from college / university professors (for each application)

Work options in Germany

All international students in Germany are allowed to work for 20 hours per week during their course as part time and about 90 days in a year as full time during vacation.

On completion education the students can avail an 18 months graduate job search visa to stay in the country which can later be changed into work permit on finding a job.

The Schengen permit gives students the freedom of moving and working in any of the European Union nations. As there are close contacts with industries during the practical course of study it is comparatively easy for the students to find jobs in their respective fields.

On getting a full time job in Germany the students can apply for the permanent resident visa. Details regarding this can be checked out with our offices.

Education, living and tuitions expenses in Germany

Usually the living costs in Germany would be € 8040. But it may change according to the life style.
However the tuition fee  is NIL. The student has to pay only enrollment fee.

Getting a German visa

Schengen Visa- On getting this visa one can travel and work in any of the 14 European Union nations which are all highly developed, rich and technically advanced tourist countries. The common currency in all these countries is EURO.

Visa- Usually in any country it is easy to get admission in universities and difficult to get the visa but in the EU nations it is difficult to get admissions and relatively easy to get visa as they focus more on the student genuineness and profile but not on the financial status. Funds required for living expenses can be moved to special bank account in Germany.  

The time to get a German visa usually takes 15 to 40 days and an interview for the visa is mandatory. All supporting documents should be submitted for the visa processing. (For list of documents required one can contact our offices).  

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