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Study in USA, Eligibility, Documents Required, Tuition Fee and VISA Procedures

Know about USA

Study in USA Employment NewsUSA is one of the largest and technologically advanced countries in the world. It is a dream land for many and has a powerful economy compared to other countries. It is also 3rd largest country in terms of both population and size. The country has diverse culture as people across the globe have migrated and settled down in USA. USA has English as the official language and almost 80% of the population speaks English and 82% of the American citizens live in cities of the country.

Education system in USA
The education in USA is of high standards and has recognition all over the world. Many reputed educational institutions in the world are located in USA. The country has almost 3800 universities and affiliated colleges offering various educational programs to the students. Both private and public universities in USA offer education in different streams and the degrees are well recognized across the country and the world. As there is vast choice for electing the courses students can study subjects of their choice. Moreover it is really flexible studying in USA as one can change their university if they move to a different city or state and can also change their field during anytime of the study without the necessary of losing or wasting any credits earned till that date.

Eligibility Criteria Required to Study in USA

USA Universities Employment NewsAcademic qualification: Candidates have to meet the 10+2 or equivalent education along with SAT (scholastic aptitude test) score to apply for any undergraduate program in USA. Similarly those applying for masters program need to complete 16 years education (4 years bachelor or equivalent) along with the GRE scores required by some universities for courses related to engineering admission. Previous academic record in similar subjects is preferred but students have the flexibility to change their field of education by presenting a strong statement of purpose (SOP). Admissions in Management field are open to all students but some universities look for additional qualification like past work experience and/or good GMAT scores to offer seats in their universities.
Proficiency in English: All students who wish to pursue their education in USA need to be fluent in English and exam scores of English proficiency in IELTS and TOFEL is mandatory for visa processing and admission.

Intake Period and Duration of USA Institutions and Universities

Main Admissions- Admissions are offered in FALL season (august/September) open for all courses.
Other Admissions- In Spring (January) and Summer (Mid April) some universities offer few courses and few universities also offer rolling intake.

Admission and Application Process in USA Universities

USA Universities serve their students on the first come first basis for admission. So those who have applied well in advance have a stronger chance of getting a seat in the universities. For the fall intake students need to start applying for admissions well about 8 months in advance.

Students are required to fill the application online along with an admission fee which most universities collect through online payment. Students need to send in their online confirmation and physical copies of the admission documents to the university.

The documentation process is very detailed and differs from university to university. The documents required are academic, financial, SOP and so on. (For more details one can call our offices). Most of the universities also need online score reporting and the universities take three months for processing the applications. While processing for some specializations and courses may take more time.  
Once the applications are processed a document called l20 or lAP66 in some cases, is issued for the admission confirmation which is the basis for starting the visa processing.

Documents Required to Study in USA

Graduation certificate or Provisional Course completion certificate
Statement of Marks (Mark Sheets)
Intermeidate / 10+2 or equivalent
Minimum three recommendation letters one from Head of the Department and others from the concerned departments.
SOP – Statement of Purpose
Bank account statement
Affidavit of Support
Bio-Data (Resume)
Experience Letter

Work Options in United States of America

The student visas USAF1 are usually valid for a time period of five years that includes even the optional practical training (OPT).

During the tenure of education programs students have to follow certain conditions for part time jobs like meeting the restrictions and strict guidelines issued by the USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services).

Once the students have permission from the university and following the guidelines of USCIS they are eligible for working up to 20 hours maximum per week during the academic year. However they can take up full time work of 40 hours only during the time of holidays. The average payment for part time jobs can be earned anywhere in-between $10 to $12 per hour.

Students can also check out for Optional practical training jobs that are related to their work field. It is also possible for the international students to work full time on completing their graduation from a university in USA for the remaining time period on their visa.

Education, Living and Tuition expenses

Depending on lifestyle and location the living expenses would be between $11500 to $20000 Per anum. Tuition fee usually $12000 to $28000 p.a. in USA educational institutions and Universities.

VISA Procedures for USA

Once the students get admission they need to pay $165 under VISA fee through any of the selected HDFC banks and can apply for the appropriate visa (F1visa is issued for conduct research or study, M1 visa is for vocational studies and J1 visa for the student exchange programs). The candidate has to fill in the DS-160 form online and take a print of confirmation copy. After this the candidate needs to schedule an appointment for the interview.

The candidate needs to pay the SEVIS fee of $200 upon confirmation of the interview appointment slot.  For the interview the candidate need to take all the appropriate documents relating to their admission, work experience and past academic proofs, tax and financial documents etc (which one can check out with our offices for the complete list of documents to be carried). However to get the student visa, one have to prove that they have enough financial support to pay for their living expenses, travel and education cost concerned to the course. Usually candidates have to show proof of their liquid funds and fixed assets that would actually cover their study and living expenses abroad (for more details regarding this one can contact our office visa counselors). However finally getting a visa purely depends on one’s performance at the interview where the visa officer has to be satisfied on the eligibility, genuineness and financial capacity of the student to pursue education in USA. Visa is granted only if the visa officer is satisfied in all aspects of the documents and the student’s interview performance.  

VISA Application Forms for USA

Visa application form (DS 160) –   https://ceac.state.gov/genniv/
Link to pay visa fee and book interview slot -   
Link to pay SEVIS fee - 

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