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Get Free Education in Germany (European Countries)

Pack your bags to Germany for free education

Recently many Indian students are showing interest to study in countries like Germany, Sweden, Austria and Norway where one can get free education. There are no fees to study courses in these countries and all one needs is to take care of their own personal expenses. The reason that European countries are offering free education is employee scarcity. And out of these countries Germany is the best place to study for foreign students.

Most of the German universities are autonomous and they emphasis a lot on teaching and research. Many world famous inventions have come to light through these universities. This is one of the reasons why many students interested in research work and prefer education in Germany. So here are some of the details for students who prefer or planning to study in abroad.

To know more about the research programs offered by many Germany universities one can log on to www.research.in.org.
All universities in Germany conduct their entrance tests in September. And the applications are available in-between February 15 to May 31st. But some universities do conduct their entrance in March and these universities accept applications from November 15th to January end. Most of the courses taught in German universities are offered without taking any teaching fees. But some universities may charge 300 to 500 Euros per year as their fees. However those having excellent academic credentials can get scholarships for their education. Regarding these details one can check out the website www.daad.org for more information. Moreover all major international master programs in German universities are specially taught in English language.

Eligibility for entrance in German Universities

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Undergraduate Program

One has to compulsory complete 13 years of education (12 years + 1 year university education). However those who don’t meet this criteria have to do a 1 year foundation course or should have 10 years education+3 years diploma and IELTS 6.0/TOEFL 80 points are required.

Masters program

15 to 16 years education with 65% marks or 2.3 GPA in the relevant subjects and IELTS 6.0/TOEFL 80 points are required.

MBA program

15 to 16 years education in relevant subjects and IELTS 6.0/TOEFL 80 points is required. Experience of 2 to 3 years in a managerial job position is compulsory. GMAT score of 550 points is mandatory.

Admission period:  2 - 3 months time is taken for admissions.

After admissions

The documentation and Germany visa process is very sensitive. It is advisable to take the guidance of experts for visa processing.
During the time of visa processing one has to show bank DD worth 7800 Euros without which it is very difficult to get the visa.
One can login to the site http://vfs-germany.co.in/south/index.aspx for visa details.

Advantages of studying in European countries

UK, Australia and Canada universities charge 7 to 10 lakhs from international students coming from foreign countries to pursue education in their countries while the European countries mentioned above doesn’t charge any fees from the students but spend up to 5 to 7 lakhs on the foreign students.
In European countries there is 20 lakhs severe shortage for workers and human resources due to decreased population rate. This is the reason why they are attracting students from other countries offering free education.

By availing Shcengien visa one can travel in all the 14 European Union countries as well as can take up employment. All these countries are technically advanced and are the most popular tourist places in the world. Euro is the common currency in all these countries.

In commonwealth countries it is very easy to get admissions but not the visa. But in European countries it is difficult to get the admissions in the universities but acquiring VISA is quite easy. The embassies of these countries don’t consider properties or bank guarantees for giving the visas. Apart from Germany, records show that no other European country has ever rejected a visa application till now. Though rejected they don’t print the rejection stamp on the pass port.

Students are given the facility to work while pursuing their education. Foreign students are given 20 hours work permission in a week. Germany offers 90 full days extra work facility in a year for their international students (90 days in a year + 20 hours work per week). By the time students complete their courses, Germany is the only country that allows them to join the international organizations for paid internship.

Free Education in Germany
Moreover those who have completed the courses in these countries can further continue living in the same country for a year searching for job opportunities.
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