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How To Prepare for A.P. EAMCET 2014?

EAMCET 2014 Preparation Techniques

How to get better marks

We learnt from the previous article on EAMCET Ranking Analysis that every 14 marks in inter are equal to 1 mark in EAMCET. So though we have to get highest marks in inter it is important to score better marks in EAMCET for a good rank.

In EAMCET equal importance is given to both inter first year and second year lessons. In examination paper from the 80 questions in math’s almost 40 are given from inter first year syllabus. In the same manner 20 questions from the 40 in physics come from first year and 20 questions from the 40 in chemistry come from the first year syllabus of intermediate.

In EAMCET all lessons are given equal importance hence one should cover all topics but concentrating on easy and small lessons would surely fetch in scoring good marks.

For example in physics one lesson may be very tough and the other lesson may be easy so by concentrating on easy lessons one can surely score marks as there are fewer chances for making a mistake.

Studying smartly

There is no criteria of getting minimum marks in each subject for passing in EAMCET exam, so students can actually prepare in a smart way by concentrating on subjects that are easy to them to get more marks and a rank below 1000. In the same way they should start answering questions in the subject that is easy to them to avoid the time pressure. In JEE main / and advanced examinations the number of questions are low hence there is no pressure of time. But in EAMCET due to more questions one may face the pressure of completing the paper in the stipulated time period. Hence students should attempt tough questions in the end without wasting much time on them.

There is no negative marking in EAMCET hence there is no need to leave out the unknown questions instead one can mark the same answer for all unknown questions to increase the probability of becoming correct.

Start preparation now

There is three months time for EAMCET examination. So if one studies with proper planning they can surely get a good rank.

One should prepare for the senior inter exams till March 19th. If they practice both inter academy books as well as objective questions then it would be useful for both EAMCET and also to answer the 2 marks questions in inter examination.

From March 20th to April 7th one can practice for the JEE mains exam and then can plan 20 days to cover the first year inter syllabus for the EAMCET exam.

If one can prepare in this manner they can attempt both EAMCET and BITSET exams well.

EAMCET paper is being prepared within the syllabus of academy books hence it is better to prepare and revise with these books.

As EAMCET has more questions it is better to practice model papers. One can start attempting models papers from April 8th onwards.

Instead of practicing exams on each topic it is better to write grand tests covering entire syllabus to manage within time. In the examination hall one cannot spend more than 1.15 hours on maths, 45 minutes for chemistry and 1 hour for physics paper. So it is better to practice within this time limit.

In chemistry one has to prepare groups and should prepare tables to recognize them for revision. In second year physics circuit diagram questions are not being given in the exam. Hence it is better not to waste time on those problems.

By keeping all these points in mind for EAMCET preparation there is no doubt that one can surely get a good rank.

Links for EAMCET 2014

EAMCET Notification: http://apeamcet.org/pdfs/Notification.pdf
EAMCET Online Application: http://apeamcet.org/Content/Payment-Procedure.HTML
Website: http://apeamcet.org
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