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NEET UG 2013 Syllabus and How to Prepare for it?

NEET UG 2013 Employment NewsAs there is no change in physics and chemistry syllabus it would be enough if one prepares from state academy books but for chemistry one has to compulsorily go through the NCERT 11th and 12th standard books.

As number of questions in physics and chemistry are increasing the complexity of questions decreases so it would be enough practicing level 1 and 2 problems instead of wasting time on solving advanced level problems.

There is lot of change in the biology syllabus so one should start concentrating on this new syllabus.
One should also take coaching in biology along with answering as many questions as possible in assignments to cover the new syllabus.

As there is negative marking one should practice from now on not to attempt questions for which one doesn’t know the answers.

As the number of questions is increased one has to enhance their speed and accuracy in answering them by revising the subjects thoroughly.

In EAMCET 36 questions out of 40 are problematic oriented. But in NEET major questions maybe on theory. So by going through the “assess yourself” questions in our academy books one can surely benefit.

As number of questions is increased in NEET, it is better to allot specific time for each subject and practice the model exams for better scoring.

There are more chances of NEET to be conducted for Andhra Pradesh state students this year. But instead of NEET if EAMCET is conducted also there won’t be much difference as preparation for chemistry and physics would more or less the same. By studying more syllabus of biology one can actually attempt AIIMS and GIPMER in a much better way.

Preparation for any exam should be done by having a thorough understanding of the subject. If one does their preparation in a systematic and planned manner any exam can be faced with confidence.

NEET UG 2013 Syllabus

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