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SAT Score for American degree | SAT Exam Pattern?

SAT Employment NewsWhen compared to postgraduate courses, the students opting to study bachelor’s degree in America are comparatively less. Those who wish to pursue their undergraduate course in USA need to write an exam SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test). Let us see the examination pattern and preparation required to attempt this exam.

This SAT exam which is to be written for pursuing undergraduate courses in USA is conducted by a nonprofit organization called the “College Board”. This is basically a reasoning test conducted in three hours time to test the skills of students in mathematics, verbal and reasoning subjects. The scores availed in this exam are valid for a time period of five years. Those who wish to write the SAT exam should register themselves by following the link http://satcollegeboard.com/register. The registration charges are 102 dollars.

Eligibility for SAT

Anyone can write this exam. There is no eligibility criterion to write SAT. Students studying 10+2 too can write this test.

SAT Examination Pattern

Average Score
Critical Reading
70 Minutes
Vocabulary, Critical reading, and sentence-level reading
60 Minutes
Grammar, Usage and Diction
70 Minutes
Number and operations; algebra and functions; geometry; statistics, probability, and data analysis

Critical reading

The analytical skills of students are assessed in this exam. There shall be two sections for 25 minutes each and one section for 20 minutes time period. There shall be 48 reading comprehension questions and 19 complete the sentence questions. Scores would be in-between 200 to 800. The total time period is for 70 minutes and the subsections are as follows:

Sentence completion: In this section they test the student’s vocabulary and sentence formation skills. The correct answer should be chosen from the multiple answers and has to be filled in the one or two blanks in the given sentence.

Passage based reading: There shall be two sections under this where one is tested for vocabulary in context and literal comprehension. The passages shall be given from different fields like humanities, social studies, natural science and fiction based literature.

Writing: The time allotted for this section is total 60 minutes. In this section there shall be 70% multiple choice questions and short passage with 30% marks weightage. Error identification and sentence improvement questions test the grammar knowledge of students in this section. Analytical thinking of arranging sentences for paragraph improvement by the students shall be tested with questions in this section. The time given for passage formation is 25 minutes.

Mathematics: This is the quantitative section including three sub sections.
25 minutes section: It consists of 20 multiple choice problem solving questions which has to be completed within 25 minutes.

25 minutes section: It consists of 8 multiple choice problem solving questions and 10 Grid-in questions that need to be completed within 25 minutes.

Small section: It consists of 16 multiple choice problem solving questions that has to be completed in 20 minutes time.

There is also a dummy section in the name of variable/equation with 20 minutes time allotted but this is not considered with the individual score. This is used only for SAT future edition.

The three sections in SAT consist of reading score, writing score and math score with an average score of 500 in each section.           

On completion of the SAT exam, students can officially report their scores to four universities.

Other than that for every additional report of the score to other universities cost 10.5 dollars.

There are also SAT tests conducted in subjects which very few universities take into consideration and hence very few students attempt this exam. 

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