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APPSC Group-2 Posts How to choose Order of Preference?

APPSC Employment NewsFor selection of APPSC Group – 2 Executive posts, a panel of 400 candidates in 1:2 ratio is notified (Notification No.39/2011). Verification of certificates will be taken up on 25th and 26th of March. APPSC has allowed another opportunity for submitting preferences for the category of posts and zones, candidates are interested in. In this context, let us acquaint with the points that are to be taken into account.

It may be that the candidates might have been quite casual when they submitted their applications for the examinations and decide to take it seriously only in the next phase in the process, but now it becomes necessary to take extra care in the order of preferences for the posts, for which, the following points are to be taken into account.

1. Municipal Commissioner Grade – 3:
Salary-wise and in chances of promotion, first preference can be given to this post. Possibility is that at least three promotions can be expected during the service and a person putting 25 to 30 years of service may expect to get promoted as Selection Grade Municipal Commissioner. It holds its importance due to rapid urbanisation and more chances of promotions. Political and administrative pressures will be more in this post, involving complex type of duties and responsibilities.

2. Assistant Labour Officer:
It is a post of Gazetted status. Likely that one can get promotion as Assistant Labour Commissioner between 12 to 14 years of service and after that as Joint Commissioner. Candidates, aged between 20 to 34, joining this service may expect to retire in the cadre of Deputy Commissioner.

3. Assistant Commercial Tax Officer: Promotions can be expected to the cadre of DCTO in 6 to 7 years; CTO in 7 to 8 years and finally can retire as Assistant Commissioner. Even female Officers can with a little effort, discharge their duties with ease. Pressure in the work is comparatively less.

4. Executive Officer Grade – 1 (AP Endowment):
Plenty of opportunities for promotion. Can reasonably expect to get promotion as Assistant Commissioner with the next 4 years and as Deputy Commissioner within 6 years. Candidates in the age range 25 – 30 joining the service, can expect to retire as Additional Commissioner. Presently there are only less number of female officers in this department. Excessive political pressure, domination of the Trust Members and field-level problems are plenty. Women candidates are advised to think twice before taking a decision.

5. Assistant Development Officer:
Can get promotion as Development Officer within 4 to 6 years, as Assistant Director within the next 5 years. Only candidates joining the service at 25 year of their age can retire in the cadre of Deputy / Joint Director. Management of the societies may be a bit difficult. Female Officers, who joined this post in the last notification, give a good account of this post.

6. Executive Officer Grade – 2 (Panchayat Raj):
This is a job at major panchayat level. One can get promotion only after a prolonged period of service. Youngsters joining the service may get with much difficulty the promotion to the cadre of DLPO just before their retirement.

List of model posts in APPSC Group-2
1. Municipal Commissioner
2. Assistant Commercial Tax Officer
3. Assistant Labour Officer
4. Assistant Development Officer
5. Executive Officer Grade – 1 (Endowment)

* Non-executive APPSC posts are found to be better than Executive Officer Grade -2 (Endowment). Especially, women have to decide only after assessing whether they can discharge their duties properly or could not.

* Some candidates take into consideration the number of APPSC vacancies for getting selection. It is not correct. Whether it is a single post or there are 100 posts, consideration for selection will be based on the order of your rank.

* If your first preference is not in the ‘local’, you will be considered in the ‘non-local’ category and if still could not be selected, your next preference will be taken into account. It is therefore necessary that you must be extra cautious in selecting the Zone.

* You will find about an indication of interview in the check list downloaded from APPSC web site. Don’t worry about it. at present, there are no interviews!

* Taking into view the severity of present day unemployment, specifically enter in the ‘Not Willing’ list, the posts in which you are not interested in. 

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