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Career Opportunities with Digital Graphics Technology Course

Digital Graphics Technology Course - Job Opportunities – an overview

Employment chances in Digital TechnologyRight from news telecast on television to movies on the silver screen, the work is not being complete without the supportive hand of the digital artists. Hence there are lots of employment opportunities for youth in the digital media to choose their career. However to become a digital artist or digital designer, it requires lot of creativity and training to further enhance their skills.

All characters like Chota Bheem, Hanuman, Batman, Doraman etc which are very popular with both children and adults are the creation of the digital artists. Animation is not just cartoon pictures or cartoon games but is entirely a different world of creativity.

Right now digital revolution is going on in the television and cinema media where not only the Hollywood movies but Bollywood and Tollywood movies are also mesmerizing viewers with the special visual effects. Indian movie industry has spent a whooping amount of 1900 crores on the visual effects (VFX) in 2012. This is almost 45% more compared to the previous year on visual effects. This budget is increasing every year and the turnover of animation industry in 2012 has reached to 1130 crores. According to FIKKI estimation, this will reach to 2,398 crores by 2016.

There are also many channels which are running just with the cartoon stories. Visual effects have become mandatory not only for entertainment but also for the news channels. All political satire programs are being created using the animation technology. Importance for graphics is also increasing in the print media.

Digital Graphics Technology and it’s role in Media?

Internet, smart phone, tablet pc, notebooks etc which are being considered as new media are all using the visual effects designed by Digital Graphic artists. We all know that prominence of internet is increasing day by day and all the web ads are being created by the digital artists to attract the attention of online visitors. Moreover, to turn black & white movies into color, developing 2D pictures into 3D are all carried out by the digital designers playing an important role in the projects.          

How to join or start your career in digital technology industry?

Those who would like to show their talent in the digital media should have some special skills other than having their regular degrees. They should be able to view the world in a new dimension. If everyone looks at a bird, they should have the skills to keenly observe minute details like the bird’s beak, feather colors, eyes, nails etc. They should have the ability to visual things and have the talent to reproduce them on the screen. If best training is added to these skills one can find lot of job opportunities in this industry.

Plenty of employment opportunities

There are different departments in the animation industry. Concept artist, 2-D animator, 3-D modular, rigger, texturing artist, cloth-hair-for artist, layout artist, 3-D animator, effect / dynamics artist, 3-D lighting artist, 3-D composing artist etc with whose hard work a cartoon picture gets ready.

There are also many departments in the visual effects. Roto paint restoration artist, tracking and match moving artist, visual effects compositor and mat painter BG mat artist. All these departments play a key role to create graphics in movies.

By having individual talent and interest along with good training for enhancing skills, one can be sure about a good career in the industry. One can use digital media to highlight the problems in present society and such digital projects shall earn a quick recognition in the industry if they become a hit. Digital artists can earn five figure salaries in the beginning of their career itself and later on with their talent and work the salary becomes multifold. All this is possible with regular degrees itself.

Opportunities for Engineering Graduates (B.E & B.Tech.)

One is really mistaken if they think digital industry is only for those who have done inter or degree and looking out for a job opportunity. These digital media courses are a wonderful additional eligibility for those engineering students who have done their degree and are in search for jobs. Those who have done their engineering along with graphic designing or web designing have lot of demand in the multinational companies. Moreover, those who have done digital media course can actually work individually without looking out for jobs. They can offer their services through freelancing.

How to choose the training institute?

There are many training institutes in this industry. However one should be careful in choosing the institute by checking some details like …

Reputation: Look out for an institute that already has a good reputation in the industry.

Fee: The institute should have commitment in giving 100% training to the students apart from just collecting the fees.

Creativity: The institute should take up new projects regularly and sharpen the skills and thoughts of the students and use advanced technology.

Course curriculum: Best courses and standard curriculum has to be followed by the institute.

Faculty: Should have experienced faculty who can teach the syllabus to the students.

Infrastructure: Infrastructure is also very essential with the above requirements. The institute should have good relations with the industry and have the ability to show placements to their students before they complete their courses.

List of Colleges offering the courses in Digital Graphics Technology

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