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UPSC Civil Services – The Path that IAS Toppers followed

IAS Toppers Formula by Employment News

Know the UPSC Civil Services Winner's Formula

It is always better to follow the path of the previous winners to succeed in any field. UPSC Civil Services is not an exception. The following are some of the points that are expressed by the Civil Services toppers in many interviews for Magazines. The summary of those interviews are given points wise to have clarity on how to go further with eyes open.   


Note down what you exactly want to achieve. Repeat them. The primary cause for failure or lack of stimulation is ambiguity about the goal. Do you want job security? Do you want recognition? Is it your cherished desire to serve the society and steal their hearts? Chances are more to get the best stimulus if your goal is more than for job security.  

First step

Many candidates are at dilemma as to how to prepare the time-table. I would suggest – think it on paper. Every minute you allot for the planning would save lots of minutes in the execution stage. So, write down the time in hours available to you and then write down the tasks you wish to attend to in each of the hours. This process facilitates time-bound achievement of the tasks.


Keep everything ready with you are what needed well before you start. May be they are papers, references, information, work materials or related items. Concentration breaks up if you get up to get something, while you start the process of reading. Take a decision that you won’t move and break your mood within half-an-hour from the start.

Value based

With the extensive syllabus in civil services, it becomes practically impossible to study every point minutely and therefore, less important points can be skipped. More time can be allotted to points really valuable for the examination. This is called Creative Procrastination.


Make it a habit to read and assimilate the subject as fast as possible. Care to be taken to see that fastness in reading is purposeful. 


Cultivate self-supportive attitude. Concentrate on achieving solutions rather than on problems. Always keep your thoughts constructive and aspiring.

We hope you should remember all these key points before you begin preparation. 

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