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IELTS - Get doors opened in European Educational Institutions

IELTS Employment NewsIELTS  - Language tests are playing a key role to get admissions in the European educational institutions.  Let us see what has to be done to score better in the IELTS test which is considered for issuing education or immigration visas. 

Countries which are having English language as their mother tongue are conducting the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) to access the language skills of people who are coming to their countries for the purpose of education, job or livelihood in those countries. However to do the test well it is important to voraciously read and listen to get a grip on the English language. The skills improved because of this exercise will be very helpful in getting a good score in the IELTS examination other than just mugging up essay’s that are prepared beforehand and trying to get a score in the IELTS.

One should also follow a certain pattern on what to write in the writing section and spellings are an important aspect in this test. In the same way there should not be any slangs or abbreviations in the language used in the written test. Informal language must not be used in writing this test. Since there is no negative marking in this exam, it is better not leave out any blanks and attempt all the questions trying to identify the right answers.

IELTS Listening and reading
One should carefully read the exam paper and underline the keywords to identify the right answers.
In the listening test, one should be alert and mark the answers on their question paper.

IELTS Writing
Keywords in the question paper should be circled or highlighted.
One should not deviate from the topic to other subject.
There should be flow of thoughts in paragraph writing.
One should also save some time to check the spelling mistakes, grammar and punctuations.

IELTS Speaking
One should carefully listen to the examiners suggestions and questions
The questions should be answered completely.

Regular mistakes committed by the candidates in IELTS Test
Many are concentrating on the test rather than improving their language skills. However this is not right because one should not limit themselves just to the topics in the exam but should try to enhance their overall command on the English language through hard work.

Many candidates are failing in effectively managing their time for the IELTS test and that too mostly in the reading section. It is important to understand summary of the subject and identify the relevant information given. It is also required to fill the answer sheet with proper answers within the given time period.

Some students are showing inability to identify complete answers for questions in speaking and writing section in IELTS. One should listen to the question very carefully paying attention to every part and then should identify the answer. One should also remember that marks shall be deducted to partially written answers. 

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