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Centre’s assurance to maintain status quo ante on UPSC Civil Services Examination Pattern

UPSC Civils Parliament discussion
Parliament took a serious view on the recently issued UPSC notification making modifications in the system and insisting proficiency in English a requirement for Civils aspirants. The Government was forced to back out with the high level pressure exerted by all MPs of all the States from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, cutting across party and linguistic lines. The Centre declared that it will keep in abeyance the UPSC’s March 5th Notification and to follow the existing system of the procedure and assured the full House that it would discuss the matter with the Chairman of UPSC and find a solution for the problem.

It all started with a vociferous demand from Shri Lalu Prasad Yadav to scrap the notification forthwith, instantaneously supported by BJP, Telugu Desam and even UPA-friendly parties like DMK, NCP and Nationalist Congress. Enbloc, they surged into the Speaker’s podium and Lok Sabha witnessed some extremely tense moments with the high pitch slogans raised by MPs from Bihar and UP not to push the nation to slavery again with propagation of English and save the nation by scrapping English in toto.  The Speaker had to adjourn the House thrice and on resumption, Shri Lalu Prasad demanded that the persons responsible for issuing the UPSC Civil Services notification be brought to book for their actions in insulting Hindi, which is an implicit insult to the Nation. He further stated that it is a ploy to keep the super-rich upper classes still at higher positions, pushing down the Civils aspiring rural folk to the bottom most. Shri Undavalli Arun Kumar, a Congress MP from Andhra Pradesh has stated that as with Hindi, there are a number of regional languages in the country and that a mother tongue is virtually a ‘Mother’; that the notification has sent a message that English proficiency is an index for intelligence, which is absolutely wrong; that late Shri Kamaraj Nadar, who knew only his mother tongue – Tamil had made extensive services to the Nation, even his services were utilised in some crucial moments by the first Prime Minister Pandit Jawarharlal Nehru; that eligibility should not be linked up with a particular language and demanded that the UPSC examinations should be conducted in all the national languages. MPs, floor leaders of almost all parties, cutting across party lines, have put their views to the House. MPs from non-Hindi-speaking States demanded that all the regional languages should be recognised as equal to Hindi.

Shri Sarad Yadav demanded that the Chairman of UPSC should immediately be sacked for his intention to axe the Civils aspirants from rural areas. Shri Ganesh Murthy, a DMK MP cautioned that this circular of UPSC might again flare up the regional feelings. Shri Basudev Acharya felt that encouraging English alone and looking down the regional languages, is nothing but snatching away the fundamental rights of the people.

Replying to the agitated House, the concerned Minister Shri Narayana Swamy assured that an acceptable solution would be worked out after consulting the UPSC Chairman and the concerned Officials. 

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