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Overview of UPSC Civil Services Mains New Exam Pattern and Preparation Plan

UPSC Civils Mains Exam Employment NewsCivil Services notification has been released by UPSC bringing many changes in the MAINS Exam. It is now the duty of students to thoroughly read and understand the new pattern of the mains exam. They have to notice what changes have been made? What do these changes indicate and accordingly change their priorities in preparation and plan to write the exam successfully.

The changes in Civil Service MAINS exam has been officially announced by UPSC keeping a full stop to all the discussions and dilemmas of the parents and 3 lakh students who are aspiring to attend the exam across the country. With changes made in the preliminary exam in 2011, there are many discussions, anticipations and expectations going on about the changes to be made in the mains exam.

So, it is very common that students would have some pressure and stress with changes made in the civil services mains exam pattern. Without many changes in the preliminary, major changes have been made in the mains exam. The major change that can be noticed is the importance for general studies has increased with respect to marks and marks for optional have been reduced. So with the marks being reduced from 1200 to 500 hundred, optional papers have lost their top priority and now 100 marks English comprehension and precise writing has also become a mandatory paper.

5 mandatory papers
According to the new exam pattern, the compulsory papers have increased to five.

Paper-1: Essay and English
Essay writing would be same as in the old model. English comprehension has been included along with precise writing. In the old model, marks in English were considered only for eligibility but now they are being considered for the ranking too.

In these modern days, it has become compulsory for the civil servants to express their thoughts everyday and because of this need; English comprehension has also been included. Precise writing is about comprehending a passage to 1/3 rd of the essay. This shows whether the candidate has the ability to express the gist of a certain thing which is tested in the precise writing.

Paper- 2: General studies-1
Indian Heritage and Culture, World History, Geographical Conditions and Social Justice  

Paper-3: General studies-2
Governance, Constitution, Political Science, Social Justice and International Relations

Paper-4: General studies-3
Technology, Economic Development, Bio-Diversity, Environment, Security, Disaster Management

Paper-5: General studies-4
Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude

 This is for 250 marks. Optional-1 paper

This is also for 250 marks. Optional-2 paper

What are the Changes made in Civil Services Mains Examination Paper?

Civils Mains Old Exam Pattern

9 papers
2300 marks
300 marks for interview
Civils Mains New Exam Pattern

7 papers
2075 marks
275 marks for interview


Essay (200 marks) no changes

New changes- English comprehension, English precise(100 marks) added                

General studies are expanded not only as 4 papers, but relevant changes have been made suitable to face the requirements of 21st century administration related challenges (for 1000 marks). Previously general studies used to be only 2 papers (for 600 marks). So 50% of the syllabus is new and defined newly.

Optional subject (2 papers- 500 marks) is limited to one.
Previously there are two optional (4 papers-1200 marks).

Personality test (interview) marks are reduced to 275 marks. Previously it used to be for 300 marks.

The Exam Pattern given above is changed please visit for new Civil Services Examination pattern

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