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Civil Services - Common Questions that arise while preparing for them.

Civil Services PreparationUPSC Civil Services often rise some questions in the minds of the candidates while preparing for them. Those who have some understanding about civil services exam too often get various doubts. But some think that they are basic or minor doubts and don’t try to clarify them keeping those doubts to themselves. But one should never think any doubt as silly and should have total clarity by clarifying any doubts and this trait really helps you a lot in the future.

I am just an average student scoring average marks throughout my education. Can I really become successful in the UPSC Civil Services Exam?

To become successful in this exam you don’t need extraordinary intelligence. It is your patience and determination that is more tested in the civil services exam than your intelligence. This is not an academic exam. General Knowledge and common sense are required for UPSC Civil Services examination which is not totally education related. However to become successful you should first have a clarity on why you want to attempt Civil Services.

Why one should write the Indian Civil Services examination?

This is the entrance to get into top administrative positions in our country and also gives lot of job security (which cannot be expected in the private sector). This also gives an opportunity to help people in need which is actually not possible on an individual basis due to lack of resources but when working in the government sector we can help many people in different ways and bring a change in the society.  In summary, job security, officer designation in young age, opportunity to help people and so on should be the main motivating factors for you to write the civil services exam.

Are civil services the only way to bring change in the society? Is it not possible in other professions?

Everyone agrees that there are three professions which make an impact on the younger generation of the country. They are politics, law and civil services.

In politics there are lot of manipulations taking place and it takes lot of time to reach a key position. For this one should have political background, smartness and skills to outwit the opposition.

Coming to law profession one should have educational qualifications along with a background and takes lot of time to reach top position.

Only through civil services one can get the top officer designation in young age. By the time of reaching 30 to 40 years one shall have the opportunity to do lot of service to the society.

For every issue people point out the administrative sector (bureaucracy). Is it the right decision to join that sector?

As in all professions there are best officers in bureaucracy and those who misuse their powers. But there are many officers who have become part this sector and have done lot of useful things to the common people.

For instance, there is lot of hard work by Rentala Chandrasekhar and his team (J. Satyanarayan, Ajay Saahni, Randeep Huda….) to make Hyderabad an attractive center for the I.T investments. Similarly because of the prime changes brought in by I.V.Subba Rao even the common person is being able to easily make the dharshan of the god in Thirumala.

With lot of devotees coming to tirumala and without the assistance of these officers there would have been lot of difficult circumstances. The hard work put in by T.V Somanadhan for Chennai metro and Siva Sailam for banglore metro are really appreciable. We cannot forget the services of S.R.Rao who has turned Surat into the cleanest city. So, one should become motivated from the services of these officers to think about the civil services exam.

There is lot of competition in for posts like IAS, IPS and IFS. Is it right to take the risk?

For anything that is best it surely has competition right? To reach top position in career this is the gateway to many people in the country. So youth who have some knowledge about the exam and has the ability to write this exam shall show interest on the civil services. Though 4.5 lakh candidates apply for civil services exam in the country, in reality its only 2.5 lakh candidates shall attempting the exam.

The Civil Services Syllabus looks very vast. Can some topics be deleted?

It is very difficult to reduce the syllabus of civil services for preparation identifying some important topics. But if you look out at the charts given below you can come to an understanding as to what questions have come from which topics in the 2012 exam.

UPSC Civil Services Questions 2012

upsc Civil Services Questions System 2012

The reason behind why only half the candidates writing civil services exam?

All those 21 years graduates who have completed their degree are eligible to write the civil services exam. So those who have some interest in this exam shall casually apply for the test. But most of them doesn’t write the exam either due to casually applying for the test or have not prepared for the exam. As the fee for this test is also very less many just casually apply for the test. But out of the 2.5 lakh candidates also those who have seriously prepared for the exam won’t be more than 1 lakh and the real competition is between those candidates.

How many years are required for civils preparation?

Civil Services ExamYou can out in the preliminary exams in the first attempt itself. But to clear the mains exams it may take at least two attempts. If we look at the statistics many of the candidates are successful either in their second or third attempt. So preparation for civils requires at least two years time. But it doesn’t mean that no one can win in the first attempt as there are some candidates who have achieved that too.

Many of the students and their parents usually calculate the chances of clearing civils exam based on their past academic records. Many think that when they are able to get a rank in the first attempt of IIT entrance test why not civils in the first attempt? But it is only after writing the exam for the first time many of the candidates understand what is required to clear this exam and what are the changes they need to make in attempting this test. Maybe civils also tests one’s patience and quick recovery from failures by the candidates. So for 35 years of service, two years of preparation is nothing?

After graduation the first two years is very important time. I have got an opportunity in a private organization. What are my chances if I don’t pass out in the civils? Is my time going to be wasted?

True, there is a risk involved. But to aim for a goal one has to take chances and this has to be decided individually by questioning themselves-

What is it that is making me choose this career? What is it that is keeping me away from this career?
 It is not about analyzing the pros and cons and in fact both the questions are positive. The situation is reflecting between two attractive career options.

So write down the points for both the questions. This is not to be a decision without being clear and just thinking about it. Once the points are written down it is easy to take a decision. If you have more points positive to write the exam then attempt the exam and take the risk. Many times the risk may just be in the thoughts but not in reality.

So you have decided to write the exam. How to start the Indian Civil Services preparation?

First collect the syllabus. At this point don’t think about the mains exam. Just collect the syllabus for the preliminary exam and check the topics that you need to pay attention and those that don’t require special attention.

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