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Who can aim for the UPSC Civil Services Examination?

UPSC Civils Preparation
The civil service notification is recently released. It is a career, which attracts youth very much for a great career in administrative positions like IAS and IPS. Those who would like to aim for this career should first know about the exam without any inhibitions. It is very important to have clarity and understanding about the exam to show determination, hard work and focus on the civil services preparation. It is only then you can actually clear the exam in all the three phases.

Many students who have completed their degree feel they are in a junction of four roads and often couldn’t decide their path in life and whether they want to write the  UPSC Civil Services exam or not.

They surely have an interest in the civil services career but don’t have the clarity on how far it is correct to spend time on preparation for these exams and if they fail in clearing the paper what would be their next goal in life. They are also often lost in thoughts like maybe other alternatives in career are more suitable to their caliber and so on.

However, it is true that taking a decision for civil service preparation is not so easy until you have a clear idea regarding many questions that come to your mind.

Where have you come from?
You have to analyze the important incidents, decisions and obstacles in your life? Who are influencing your life? Think about your education, home environment and surroundings where you have been brought up and if all the answers are related to a middle class life and if you give more priority to education than earning money, than it is correct to choose the  civil services career.

What is important to you in life?
Write down the three thoughts that come to your mind for this question which doesn’t need to be clear but you should know about your beliefs and values in life. You should also know what you would like to follow in life and if you want to be a self made person to come up in life with your own abilities and being truthful to the society, then civil services is the right option for you.

Who are your role models in life?
Think about the persons to whose decisions you give more value, who can influence your decisions and whom you can influence with your thoughts. Think about whom you like more and also to whom you are afraid of in life.

What are the obstacles from reaching your goal?
Find out what is really stopping you from thinking about your goals in life?  What are the responsibilities that you need to fulfill in the nearby future? What are the obstacles for that? What you have to do? When you have to do?

What do you fear?
Make a list of those circumstances and people which are depressing and draining out your energy.

Answering these questions before preparing for Civil Services Examination will definitely help you to keep on track, motivated and enthusiastic throughout the journey.

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