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Bank Recruitment Interviews – DOs & DON’Ts

BANK Interview Tips by Employment News
Bank Recruitments shall be done based on the marks obtained in the common written exam (CWE) conducted by IBPS along with the marks obtained in the interview test. However some banks may also conduct group discussion as part of their recruitment process. As interview and GD are also play vital role in recruitment process in Banks it is quite necessary for the candidate how to prepare for the interview and Group Discussions and to know the DOs and DON’Ts while facing them.

Before going for the interview

One should be keep all the certificates ready like education qualification, caste, age, income and so on one day before the Interview.

It is also better to visit the interview location one day ahead to get familiarized with the place. It helps in making feel comfort and keep the stress away while visiting new places. This may also help one increase their confidence levels while facing interview.

One should also prepare ahead to face the common questions in interview like

  • Tell me about yourself
  • Why and how you are suitable for this job
  • In the coming 10 years where do you see yourself in the organization
  • Your strengths and weakness
  • Answering these questions for 2 you can say that due to your hardworking nature, communication skills, adaptability and quick learning skills you are suitable for the job.
  • Answering question 3 you can say that because of the above mentioned skills you find yourself in a top position in the coming 10 years duration

Weakness should never be directly related to the candidate (like you are not good in communication skills or not proficient in English etc.). They should indirectly again show your strengths like you are over enthusiastic in learning new things or while working you never think about the time and finish the job. Though these are mentioned as weakness they indirectly show your strength and positive attitude.

Tips for the interview:

  • Request the board members for you entering into the interview room. Wish all the members in the room and if there are any ladies then make sure you wish them first.
  • You should start the interview with confidence and don’t show any nervousness.  Many interview board members form an opinion of either positive or negative about the candidate in the first few minutes based on their behavior and the answers. So these first few minutes are very important to create a positive impression.
  • Show your enthusiasm through body language. As it indicates that the candidate is a very active person and would like to take up the job in the bank.
  • Candidate should try to have a smile on their face throughout the interview which usually hides the inner stress of the candidate.
  • Listen to the questions attentively without interfering in between the board members questions.
  • Think before giving the answers.
  • You should not take in a continuous flow. You should pause when required and give time for sinking your information. You should also maintain a high and low pitch voice when required to make the talk interesting. You can practice this by recording your own voice and making changes to have a fluent and influential talk in the interview.
  • Your answers should be truthful.
  • Your answers should be straight and brief. There is no use in elaborating the answers in interviews.
  • Instead of just saying “yes” or “no” you should give examples when required.
  • You should mention your previous achievements. This shows your potential and commitment to become successful in the job.
  • If you are recruited in the job, tell them how you can further add value to the banking services but not how much you need this job.
  • Don’t try to gain the interview members sympathy.
  • You should prepare well on the basics. Sometimes answering simple questions may become difficult if you don’t know the subject.
  • You should be careful in dressing for the interview. You should wear formal dress and avoid dark colors. Try to look attractive, smart and calm.
  • Never argue with the interview board members.
  • You should look straight and answer. Though the question is asked by a member you should look at everyone while answering.
  • Don’t hesitate to say “no” when you don’t know the answer. Instead of cooking up some answer it is the way in which we answer a question is important.

Topics that might be asked in the interview

The following are some important topics that questions may be asked on them. So it is better to pay some attention on these topics while preparing for interviews.

Lokpal bill
Mullaperiyar topic
Depreciation of rupee value
Recession and RBI policies
Increase in gold value
Fiscal policy of financial ministry
RBI monetary policy
Sensex and stock market
DI, FII, definitions, difference between them
Changes in the banking industry
State elections
Latest changes in the financial sector

Employment News Today always tries to help the job seekers by providing the general information they need. Hope this article on “How to face the Bank Interviews?” will be useful to you to some extent.

Article prepared by Sunitha for Employment News Today.

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