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How to face a Recruitment Interview with confidence and get succeed in it?

Recruitment interview is not about just questions and answers or checking the intelligence of candidate as that is already tested through the written test.

Interview Tips by Employment News Today
In this face to face interview test, the interviewer shall try to find out the candidates personality, honesty and attitude whether suitable for the organization. The interviewer shall also check whether the candidate is fit for the job responsibilities. This is decided based on the candidate’s answers, body language and his reactions to the questions asked by the interview board members. Interviews help to assess the candidate’s personality, psychological abilities and their inner strengths which cannot be checked out in the written tests.

What questions can be expected in Recruitment Interviews?

Bio data related: questions shall be asked based on the candidates bio data.

Current issues: they shall also check the candidates overall view on national and international current issues.

Banking sector: questions related to banking sector and financial sector shall be asked.

Education and experience: questions on candidates education related subjects and also on the job experience if has done a job previously.

Troublesome: some questions may be troublesome and lead to an argument that helps to test the candidate’s behavior in times of stress.

Creativity and logical: there may be some unexpected questions that may require the candidates to think and answer spontaneously. Through this one can asses the candidate’s creative and logical skills. For eg: if you become the prime minister what steps do you take? So candidates should prepare well to face all these types of questions in the interview.

Don’t neglect these tips while facing a Recruitement Interview

These tips are useful to face the interview successfully.

Don’t tell lies: candidates should never tell lies about themselves. It is very easy for the interviewer to find out the truth and importance shall be given to only those candidates who are frank and honest.

Don’t argue: candidates should always answer in a calm manner convincing the interviewer but should never try to argue with contradictory statements. The interviewer may try to stimuli candidate for an argument to test their patience during stressful situations.

Strengths & weakness: candidates should tell their strengths and weakness honestly. Try to tell more about the strengths, passions and interests. Unless asked no need to mention the weaknesses.

Showing enthusiasm: By showing enthusiasm one can attract the recruitment interview board members. This shows their interest in and passion for the job.

Never by heart:  Answers should not be by hearted. The answers should come in a flow naturally. If the answers are like by hearted, the interviewer may think that the candidates can just do the job assigned to them and couldn’t try anything on their own.

Mistakes to be avoided while attending interviews:

Going late to the interview
Not dressing up properly
Not preparing well for the interview
Speaking loudly and dominating the interview board members
Giving some irrelevant answers to unknown questions
Not exhibiting communication skills
Casual dressing (wearing jeans, T-shirts)
Not being attentive
Showing recklessness
Pointing the board members while speaking
Being unfocused, keeping head down

So if one takes all these things into account and are prepared to do the interview well they can surely get good marks in the interview.

Can you present yourself confidently in the Recruitment Interview?

The most commonly asked question in any interview is to “Tell us something about you”. Many candidates have a doubt on how to answer this question.  Before even starting the interview one may have to face this question.

However, candidates should not think this as a complicated question but should try to present about themselves in a positive manner and also as a chance to divert the interviewer thoughts and questions towards their strengths. Candidates should tell about themselves like not only just the name and qualifications that are already been mentioned in the bio data, but also additional information about their strengths, positives, interests, passions, goals and achievements to create a good impression.
Four stages

Interview process can be divided into four stages. Let us see what has to be done in each stage.

First stage: (preparation)

Should fully read the bio data and prepare on the questions
Make a list of questions that have scope to be asked in the interview
All certificates should be made ready along with the photocopies
One should have a rehearsal to face the interview
One should prepare themselves to face mental stress
Formal dress should be selected to wear on the interview day
One should know about the interview location and visit ahead to get familiarized with the surroundings

Second stage: (Entering into the interview hall)

Should be on time without any delay
Take permission and enter into the hall
Wish all the interview board members with a smile
Sit straight in the chair with the permission of the interview members

Third stage: (Interview)

All answers should be told honestly
Look straight at the members while giving the answers
Answers should be brief and clear without unnecessary talk
Mention examples when required
Interview should be exciting and with natural enthusiasm while answering the questions
Create an impression that you are the best candidate for the job
Don’t hesitate to say that you don’t know the answer for unknown questions
Should listen to the questions careful and answer after thinking well
Though you have inner stress don’t reveal it outside and manage the interview with a smile

Fourth stage: (Closing)

Wish all the interview members on completing of your recruitment interview
Come out with a smile
Note down your total interview on a paper so that it helps you in preparing much better for the other interviews.

And finally candidates should also be prepared for the question “Do you have any questions for us?” from the interviewer. Candidates should prepare well to ask the right questions that shows their interest in the job and the organization.

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