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Study in Ireland, Education System and Admission Procedure

About Ireland

Along the west coast of Europe, Ireland is a small island nation with a population of about 4.6 million people. The people of Ireland are very friendly and are known for their hospitality and leading quality life according to the United Nations survey conducted in 2011. Ireland also played an important role as founding member in the European Union. The climate and environment are great in Ireland for a comfortable life and English is the most common language spoken on the island.

Education system in Ireland

Ireland has always given top priority to the education system and made continuous investments which have turned the country having one of the best education participation rates across the globe. Though most of the education institutions are private they are supported with the government funds. However one can find three types of education institutes in Ireland which are universities, colleges and private institutions. There are also many opportunities in these institutions to study degree and post graduate courses, technical and vocational training as well as post-secondary courses. The Irish institutions also have cooperative study programs under which students in their undergraduate studies are provided with the opportunity of finding employment relevant to their study field for a period of 6 to 8 months for job exposure. Usually students in Ireland prefer doing short term courses like 1 year diploma or master programs.

Admission criteria in Ireland Universities

The admission process to Ireland universities is pretty fast and easy where the students need to apply for the university with relevant academic documents and application form. The processing of applications usually takes 1 or 2 weeks and students whose admission is confirmed are required to pay the 1 term fee. As the student pays the 1 term fee they get confirmation offer to join the course and those students who are unable to pay can seek a principle approval which is prerogative of the university and admission may or may not be granted as per the interest of the institution. Hence it is advisable for one who likes to study in Ireland should be prepared with the required funds to confirm their seats. It is also better to apply 2 months before the program starts in the Ireland educational institutions.


Major intakes in Ireland take place in September
Other Intakes take place in the months of February, May and July.

Checklist of Documents

1. Three passport size photographs with attested by the student on the backside of the photograph.
2. Photocopies of mark sheets standard X or ‘O’ level onwards.
3. Provisional / Degree certificates.
4. At least two reference letters on the Original letterheads only.
5. Statement of Purpose signed by the student.
6. TOEFL / IELTS scores if taken (please note if your English mark fall below 70% in ISE/CBSE/State Board (+2 level), we advise you to immediately arrangements for TOEFL or IELTS exam to avoid unnecessary delay).
8. Xerox copy of passport – Front two pages and last two pages
9. Bio data duly signed by the student.

Application should be completely filled with telephone numbers and email address mentioned clearly

Work options in Ireland

The work options for students in Ireland who have enrolled in a study program is that they can work part time up to 20 hours per week during their term and in holidays can take up full time work. The wages paid for part time jobs are around 8 to 10 Euros per hour.
Once the education in Ireland is completed, students can work for a time period of 1 year as full time and the family immigration policy of Ireland is also quite liberal comparatively and even offering some special points that have pursued education in their country.

Tuition Fee / Cost of Education in Ireland

Living costs in Ireland would be €7000 to €11,000 pa as per the lifestyle and location
Tuition fee in Ireland would be €9000 €13000 pa for Masters programs and €7000 €10000 pa for diploma programs.

Process for Irish visa

A student can apply for an Irish visa on receiving in principal approval or admission from the education institution. A police clearance is also necessary before an application is made for the Irish visa. The visa application form that is duly filled along with relevant documents of admission, financial and educational have to be submitted for processing the visa to the Irish embassy.

The time taken by the visa office varies between 2 to 6 weeks depending on the other pending applications to inform its acceptance or rejection. The visa is also issued only for 3 months time which has to be further extended after joining the concerned educational institution in Ireland.

We hope this article “Study in Ireland” will give you some basic idea on how to pursue your education in Ireland.

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