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How to become a Civil or Commercial Pilot?

To become a civil pilot the commercial pilot license (CPL) is mandatory. For this one has to do their Pilot course in organizations that are recognized by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation-DGCA. Presently there are 26 flying schools which offer pilot training in India. To get admissions into any of them one should get at least 55% marks in Maths and Physics in 10+2 (for Sc/ST/OBC 50% is enough). Age should be 17 to 18 years.

Selection process: written examination, pilot aptitude test and viva & interview.
Pilot Course tuition fees: up to 25 lakhs
Course duration: 18 months
Website: www.dgca.nic.in

Pilot Training Process:

Pilot training is given in three phases. In the first and second stages, there shall be ground duty training along with simulator training. Candidates are also trained in air navigation, flight planning, aviation meteorology, air regulations, RTR, cockpit resource management and so on during this course. In the third phase there shall be air training on the single and double engines. After basic training pilots have to fly the flights with different engines. After completing the training one should apply for Commercial Pilot License (CPL) to the DGCA. Related to aviation studies one should also complete five question papers. They should also pass out radio telephony (on air communication) and medical fitness exams. Then one can start their career as a co-pilot.

Pilot Training Centers in aboard countries:

There are so many advanced pilot training centers in countries like US, UK and Canada. Those who have done a course in these organizations should qualify in the exam conducted by DGCA. Those who are financially well off can take pilot training in these countries.

Salaries for Pilots:

After completing pilot course the starting salary ranges from Rs 70,000. With one year experience the co-pilot can get from rupees one lakh to one lakh fifty thousand. Senior pilots are offered a salary of 2 to 3 lakhs per month and with 10 years seniority can easily demand more than 5 lakhs per month.

Skills required for Pilots:

Maintaining Physical fitness is compulsory
Correct decisions have to be made in split seconds
Be prepared to face challenges
Should be focused for long time

Pilot Training Centers or Flying Clubs in Andhra Pradesh state:

AP flying club- Hyderabad
Rajiv Gandhi aviation academy- Hyderabad
Fly tech aviation academy- Hyderabad

Best Pilot Training Centers in India…..

Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Udaan academy- Rai Barely (Uttar Pradesh)
Bombay flying club- Mumbai
Government flying training school- Bangalore
Madras flying club- Chennai
Delhi flying club limited- New Delhi
Orissa government flying training institute- Bhubaneswar
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