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Job Opportunities in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Sector

Business process outsourcing and Job Opportunities

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is creating job opportunities to earn five figure salaries without the necessary of any great degrees but with just an 10+2 qualification. If one has fluency in English language and awareness about computer they can easily join in the BPO jobs.

What is Business Process Outsourcing?

A company transfers its noncore operations to other country and gets the work done in cheaply using the local IT services is what is called Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). This is also called as IT enabled services (ITES). Availability of English speaking youth, awareness on computer operations, cheap human resources, suitable time zone and quality output has turned out India into a major hub for BPO services.

India- BPO sector: 

Call centers: Call center is a center for offering services. With the phones, internet, vast database and the well trained human resources handling voice based and internet based information offer their various services to the customers based both in the country and abroad. There are call centers operating in almost all sectors like banking, manufacturing, market research, pharmaceuticals, sales, order desk, customer service, help desk, emergency dispatch, credit collections, food services, airlines/ hotel reservations and so on.

Future opportunities:

According to NASCOM survey- the business opportunities in BPO industry are as follows…

Customer support service:

This carries operations for technical help and help desk services to corporate employees and other customers. This has a direct relation with the customer.

Marketing services:

This majorly carries operations in sales and marketing. Primarily it focuses on telemarketing, content development and consultancy services. As part of the sales job services are offered to customers placing their orders through the telephones.

Human resource services:

This focuses on payroll benefits, education/training, recruiting, personal administration, contingent work force management and work force analysis services are outsourced.
Finance, accounting services: Though this has started with transaction processing services it has extended to offering financial analysis solutions to the customers to take decisions in their business.

Engineering services:

The main role is to offer technical consultancy for the products or services. This mainly contains research, development, product development, product design, testing, product management, documentation and engineering analysis.


Supply chain management is important in this service. Reducing inventory cost and enhancing delivery schedule is its major role. There are also services offered like invoice collection, payment processing, transportation route optimization, ware housing and inventory control services.

Health care:

This has started with medical transcription services. Latest trend is disease management and medical imaging services.

Job profile for fresher’s:

This has Customer service executive, technical support executive, quality analyst, voice trainer, process trainer, soft skills trainer, tele callers, customer support executive, process associate, conference executive, telemarketing executive and so designations.

Salaries in BPO Sector:
Many fresh graduates are being attracted to the BPO jobs because of the pay package. Usually the starting salary in MNC’s begins from Rs 20,000.

Selection Process in BPO Sector:

Candidates are selected based on the written test and interviews. In the written test there are questions from English, quantitative aptitude and logical reasoning. In the interviews English speaking skills are tested. For tech support writing skills are tested and for customer accent plays an important role for selection.

Skills required to get a job in BPO Industry:

To get a job in BPO industry one should be perfect in English.
Understanding on customer behavior, computer knowledge, typing speed and marketing skills are required for Business Process Outsourcing jobs.
Should know how to quickly process and access information in the database.
Skills to analyze problems.
Along with good communication listening skills are also very important.
Apart from listening patiently one should have the skills to satisfy the customer.

Top BPO companies:


Famous Institutions offering BPO Courses

IGNOU has started 6 months online BPO training course along with Accenture.
Website: www.ignou.ac.in
NIIT is offering UNIQUA program along with GENPACT.

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