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Heavy Recruitments in Banks – Coming soon Bank Recruitments

Bank jobs

Bank Jobs Employment NewsThe top most public sector bank in India SBI (State Bank of India) is holding major recruitment drive to fill in the vacancies of bank officers and staff. SBI chairman has also given clarity on the same issue. However this is not just restricted to the SBI but many other public sector banks (PSB) are also going in for major recruitments to fill in their vacancy posts. The State Bank of Hyderabad (SBH), Andhra bank, syndicate bank and other PSB’s are conducting recruitment drives and are also releasing new recruitment notifications. So recruitments are going to be in a huge number for national language officers, security guards, legal officers along with probationary officers and also clerks indicating a golden opportunity to the job seekers.

Reasons for the vacancies:

There are so many reasons for the large number of vacancies happening in the Public Sector Banks. In the coming three years lot many officers and staff in the banks are going to retire. By 2016 almost 1/3rd of the bank officers are going to retire and to fill in these vacancies the banks need to recruit people for the coming three years to fill in the vacancies according to the PNB senior bank manager. Moreover, these banks are also starting new branches and are expanding all over the country. So there are lots of vacancies and recruitment has to be done for officers and staff to carry on the banking operations.

Job Opportunities due to expansion:

Except SBI most of the banks in the country have restricted their operations to only particular locations in the country. So this has been recognized by the banks and has started focusing on expansion to the new locations from the past eight years. This work of expansion has been partially done and there are so many PSBs that have not yet started their operations in many locations. Some banks among them are bank of Maharashtra, NBH, Andhra bank, central bank of India and UCO banks. These banks are starting new branches aggressively and hence recruitment of staff is being done in a big way.


Across the country there are almost 10 lakhs of officers and staff working in the Public Sector Banks according to estimation. Till last year there are 80,000 posts vacant in all the banks together. For this the retirement vacancies are additional. By March 31st, 2014 there are 7,500 officers in the SBI who are going to retire. In syndicate bank there are 7,000 officers going to retire in the coming three years time according to the information provided. This is almost equivalent to 40% of officers working in the syndicate bank. However, State Bank of Hyderabad has completed recruitment of 1,000 PO’s and 2200 clerks and postings are given recently to all those who have been selected. The Andhra bank has recruited 850 clerks and 470 PO’s. SBH has recently done a major recruitment where the selection of 19000 clerks, 1500 PO’s selections is in the final stage. On completing it the bank is also getting ready once again to conduct one more recruitment drive as there are still lots of vacancies to fill the posts.

There are no recruitment done in banks for years:

After 1986 there wes no recruitment done in the banks and no officers or staff is taken into the services. In those 16 years only a few were taken at one time or another but large recruitments were not done for the bank jobs. No expansion of banks during those times is the main reason for this zero recruitment during those years. Later on computerization of banks has been done and adjusting the bank personnel to those responsibilities has been focused by the officials rather than on recruitment. In reality also vacancies mostly happened in the banks after 2005 with increase in the GDP rate that have brought lot of opportunities for growth and the banking services have expanded to all sectors. So the necessity for new staff has also increased. In this scenario those who have joined in services before 1986 are now retiring creating lot of vacancies.


Almost half of those who have attended the banking interviews and have been selected as probationary officers are not even joining in the banking jobs and those who have joined are not staying for more than 2 or 3 years and looking for other jobs. The main reason for this attitude is the job opportunities, working conditions and remuneration being offered in other sectors. Now the banks are mainly recruiting officers in a large number and are giving the responsibilities of not only the banking work but also to take care of marketing, public relations, selling of insurance policies etc creating lot of pressure on the officers. Those who are joining newly in the banks are comparing the remunerations being offered in IT and other sectors with their work pressure and are looking for other opportunities. In these conditions there shall be vacancies left out at any point of time.

Merging of banks:

It is a known thing that the government is considering for merging of banks due to which administration expenses decrease and also the staff can be reduced according to some estimation. There are also negotiations going between the bank employees associations and Indian bank associations on bipartite wage settlement for increasing the remunerations of bank employees. If these negotiations come to a conclusion then merging of banks may happen. Until then banks have to continue their operations with the vacancies in posts.   

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