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Film and Television Media Courses, Job Opportunities and List of Institutes

Cinema and television are both popularized mediums offering the right platform for not only entertainment but also displaying our culture, tradition and other programs that are useful for the society. Different to other sectors this industry requires not only creativity but also technical knowledge and people who would like to settle down in this media are increasing day by day. This industry offers not only instant fame and money but also recognition in a single day as a star and hence has become a dream world to the youth. Expansion of television industry and encouragement to new talent in the film industry are creating lot of opportunities to the youngsters on both the silver screen and television. In this industry not only artists but many others can also find opportunities in departments like direction, cinematography, editing, sound recording etc making their dreams come true to show their talent.

Film and TV Serial Direction:

The most critical and creative work in making cinema / television program is the direction work. To improve one’s skills and technicality in this department it requires lots of patience and hard work from the aspirants. Directors have to coordinate between different jobs like selecting the artists, managing the script, shooting, post production work, art and so many other departments that are part in the making of cinema / television program. It can be said that the success of a particular project lies entirely on the talent and potential of the director.

Job Opportunities:

Everyone thinks about film industry on hearing the word direction. But one can find opportunities as ad directors in advertising agencies, various channels, serials, programs, documentaries and in the making of television films belonging to different production houses. There are also opportunities in the government organizations like Doordharshan and information broadcasting ministry. In the beginning, one have to work as apprentice, assistant director and associate director so on till they get the experience and exposure to work. Just like the responsibilities they can expect attractive salaries in the industry. But only potential, skills, creativity and hard work are the standards that decide their future.


Editing plays the key role in making the film or television programs more interesting and beautiful. Editors decide which scene should come, which scene should be removed, how the story/program narrations should be to make things interesting to viewers. This department requires both artistic and technical skills. In the editing department there are two categories like film editor and video editor. The video editor looks after the editing work of various channels, particular parts of programs made in the studios and so on. For this one has to learn adobe-premium software. On the other hand the film editor edits the total cinema. They have to learn advanced editing software’s like avid and apple final cut pro.

Job Opportunities:

Those who have done a course for this sector have huge opportunities in the industry.  They can mainly find opportunities in film, TV production studios, TV channels, advertising companies, multimedia companies and so on. In the beginning they have to start their career as assistant editors. Later on based on the experience and seniority they can reach the level of editor or output editor. In the career beginning they can expect a salary of around 8 to 10 thousand and based on the experience and seniority they can get 25 to 30 thousand or a six figure salary in the industry.


FilmCinematography plays an important role in beautifully featuring the cinema or television programs. Keeping in view the lighting, artist body language, back ground and to shoot the scene gracefully is not an easy job and requires an experienced cinematographer. To make a name in this department one should have interest and zeal to learn new things and also have an knowledge about the technical things.

Job Opportunities:

Cinematography creates many opportunities to people who have lots of creativity. They can find offers not only in film industry but also in television channels, movie production houses, TV production houses and advertising companies and media houses. They can also work as freelancers in the industry. In the beginning of the career one has to work as apprentice, assistant cameraman, cameraman and associate cameraman. Based on one’s abilities they can reach to the director of photography level. In the beginning the salary ranges between 8 to 15 thousand and later on based on the experience and seniority one can earn 6 figure salary per month.

Sound Engineer:

As a cinematographer is very important to filming a scene so is the sound engineer for recording the music or dialogues for the scenes without any other disturbing sounds for the film/television program. The sound engineer’s job is to take care of recording, copying, editing, mixing and in reproduction stages of the cinema/television programs using mechanical and electronic equipments to record the sound. Regarding sound recording they should have awareness on concepts like analog tape and digital multi track.

Job Opportunities:

Those who have completed their course in sound engineering can find opportunities in many recording studios, channels and production houses as engineer, broadcast engineer, sound engineer, sound editor, mastering engineer, sound effects engineer, recording engineer, sound designer, programmer and studio manager designations to settle down in the industry. One can also work as freelance sound engineer. Initially the salary may be around 10 to 15 thousand and later on based on the experience and seniority one can earn 6 figure salary per month.

Screenplay Writing:

One among the most creative jobs in making cinema/television programs is the screenplay writing. Screenplay writing is a skill to document on paper in writing as to how a scene should be presented. For the story/ program the screenplay layout, story idea development, creation of characters is all developed by this department. Screenplay writing plays an important role in the success of the project.

Job Opportunities:

Screenplay writing career is full of challenges and require creativity. To get opportunities in this department the writing skills, creativity, versatile thinking will all help to build a career for aspirants. In one word, only talent counts for getting opportunity in this department. Screenplay writers can find offers in cinema/production houses. They should also work as ghost writers for directors/senior writers. One can actually start their career with five figure salary and over a period of time with experience and talent they can earn attractive remuneration packages.

Anchoring/ News Reading:

They play a key role in the making of television programs. We can understand how important their role is as the TRP ratings of television programs depend on how attractively they can present the news/programs involving the viewers. To get such a responsible job, one should have some skills. That is like having a nice tone, grip on language, ability to talk in a flow, speaking with clarity and also having a hold on the current affairs. Attractive personality is an added advantage. 

Job Opportunities:

With the expansion of the television industry there is no scarcity for opportunities. Aspirants can find offers not only in television industry but also as event anchors, radio jockeys and as dubbing artists. Initial one can expect 8 to 10 salary and later on depending on their work and talent they can earn in-between 20 to 40 thousand rupees. To join this field the minimum qualification is degree. Now many channels are recruiting on their own and giving training along with offering jobs to the aspirants. Only some private institutions like Pragathi media (website: http://pragathimedialinks.com/) are offering training for all.

Voice Over Artists:

Cinema/television industries along with performing and technical departments have lot of opportunities in the voice department also. Voice over artists can work in the cinema media as dubbing artists and in television industry as anchoring, voice over artists and also as video jockeys. They have to offer voice based services like according to the telecasted visual has to coordinate the sound making the scene more entertaining by emoting all emotions like anger, pain, comfort and other emotional feelings as per the artists expressions. Those who would like to settle down in this sector need some skills like having a base voice, clear pronunciation of words, good hold on the topics they are speaking, clarity in speaking, talking in a flow, good pronunciation of tough words in various languages and also having some basic understanding about other languages.

Job Opportunities:
The voice over artists can find opportunities in various channels, media houses and in event management groups as anchors, video jockey and radio jockey and in movies as voice over artists and dubbing artists. Some channels and media organizations are giving training to aspirants and creating opportunities for them in their own organizations. Initially the voice over artists can earn in-between 10 to 15 thousand per month and based on their talent and experience can make 1 lakh which is not so tough. They can also settle down in the television media as news presenters. Depending on the scene situation they must be able to reflect emotions in their voice like seriousness, passion, affection, anger and many more feelings for the artist’s performance.

There are so many training institutes offering training to make aspirants perfect in these jobs. The following are some of them..

Indian Voice Training Centre

Insyncstudios, Mumbai

Institutes offering Film and Television Courses

Film and Television Institute of India – Pune

Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute – Kolkata

Ramanayudu Film School- Hyderabad

Film and Television Institute of Andhra Pradesh

Indian Institute of Technology- Kharagpur M.Tech. (Media and Sound Engineering)

Whistling Woods Internationals

Zee Institute of Media Arts – Mumbai

Asian Institute of Film and TV – Noida

Centre for Research Art of Film and Television – New Delhi

Interested people can log on to any of the websites above for more information.

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