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Learn any Foreign Language and get a job in India or Abroad - guaranteed

Foreign Language Job OpportunityLearning a foreign language is a hobby till recently but now it has turned into a source of income. If you are proficient in any foreign language then there are so many employment opportunities for a career in translation, interpretation, teaching, research and so on both in the country and abroad. Along with jobs in the government organizations you can find lot of opportunities in print, electronic media, Indian armed forces, foreign embassies, multinational companies, call centers and tourism companies. Learning any language like Spanish, French, German, Italian, Arabic, Persian, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Russian etc you can find lot many job opportunities.

The world is turning into a global village with many organizations opening their offices across the world. The outsourcing jobs are also increasing and it has become common for today’s youth to cross borders in finding jobs. The companies are offering onsite jobs to the candidates who know the foreign language. On the other hand marketing, tourism and hospitality industries are expanding worldwide while IT industry is growing in a big way between the European and the Asian countries. More importantly big projects are coming from the European Union countries to the Indian IT, BPO and KPO companies. So the necessity of finding information about the projects coming from those countries, translation of agreement papers, rules, conversations with foreign company delegates, clients and so on are increasing for the local companies. According to a recent survey done, right now there is a necessity of 1, 60,000 language experts in the Indian country. It means that every expert who can speak a foreign language has a job ready for them.   

Career Opportunities:

Every country has a necessity or requirement in one thing or the other and to overcome that requirement it is mandatory to have other countries cooperation. In china there is a shortage for English trainers. Similarly Japan requires engineers; Malaysia wants teachers and America needs nurses very much. In the same way Indian companies have their offices in other countries and those companies of those companies have their offices in India. Those who are coming from there to our country don’t know our language and our delegates working in those countries don’t know those foreign languages. To solve this problem those who know foreign languages are very useful. This is the reason why foreign languages are creating so many job opportunities.

Those who are working in multinational companies sometimes need to interact with the foreign clients and mingle with them. If both of them knew English it is okay and if not we should know the client language. In such situations who know the clients language are preferred for the onsite offer of projects.

Tourists coming to India from abroad are increasing every year. Those belonging to different countries and languages come over here. If we know their language we can act as their tourist guide and hence can find jobs in big hotels. Similarly going abroad for education to different countries has increased now days and if one has minimum knowledge in the local language then one can easily manage over there.

Due to changing conditions in the financial operations the necessity of translating information from one language to the other language has increased vastly. Similarly translation of books has also increased in the recent years and those having a grip on any foreign language can actually turn themselves into a translator. It has become mandatory in outsourcing, medical translation and pharmaceutical sectors to use the services of people who know foreign languages.

Products developed by companies from different countries are now available everywhere. Mobile phones, washing machines, TV’s etc though belong to different countries brands are being sold worldwide. So information related to the product should be translated into the local language for the customer to easily understand. This work is done by the technical writers.

Versatile job opportunities:

To students who have done courses in foreign languages can find jobs in diplomatic services, teaching sector, translators in industries, government research sectors, interpretators, tourist guides, air hostess, translators for prominent hotels, freelancers, PRO’s and also in the business sector as business executives, personal managers, stenographers, secretary, professors, coordinators for foreign education, writers for school books, translators as in the courts, federal agencies, travel writers, technical translators, software designers, technical support specialists, software consultants, web localization specialists and so on.

Opportunities in sectors:

Teaching, research
Media organizations
All India radio
Armed forces
Para military forces
Research and analysis ( RAW)
Multinational companies
Call centers
Export and import companies
World bank
Tourism and tourist guides
Confederation of Indian industry

Salary range:

In beginning of the career one can earn up to 15,000. Translators are charging 60 paisa to five rupees per word. Those working in BPO and IT sectors can initially get salaries from Rs 20,000 to Rs 50,000. Those in the teaching sector can earn from 10,000 to 25,000 initially. Renowned translators can earn more than Rs 4,000 for an hour. If working in the embassies it would be from Rs 8,000 to Rs 10,000.

Universities and foreign language courses

Osmania University

MA: Arabic, French and Persian courses are being as regular courses. One should qualify in degree with at least with 40% marks and should have studied the related language in degree level.

Junior diploma: French, Russian, German, modern Arabic, Persian courses are being offered in the regular method. Course duration is one year. Intermediate qualifiers are eligible and admissions are offered through a test.

Senior diploma: Those who have qualified in French, German, Russian with 50% marks in junior diploma or those who have studied the language in degree are eligible for this course. Admission is conducted through special test.

Advanced diploma: Those who have qualified with 50% marks in senior diploma course in respective language of French, German or Russia are eligible. Admission is offered through a test.

M Phil: M Phil is offered in Arabic, Persian and French languages. Those who have qualified in the respective language with 50% marks in PG are eligible. Admission is offered through a test.

PhD: Arabic, French, Persian
Eligibility: qualification with 55% marks in the respective language in PG or M Phil qualification in that subject.
Website: www.osmania.com

Ramakrishna mattam, Hyderabad

Courses offered: German, French, Japanese, Spanish languages are offered in six levels. Japanese in five levels with each level for three months. The classes start every year thrice in January, June and September for the language session. The classes are organized in three timings. Compared to other organizations the fees are very reasonable. Proficient teaching staff and discipline is the specialty of Ramakrishna math.
Website: www.rkmath.org


Research programs: Arabic, French, Spanish, Russian, German, Japanese
Advanced diploma courses: Arabic, French, Spanish, Russian, German, Japanese
Five years integrated MA courses: Arabic, French, Spanish, Russian, German, Japanese
Two years MA courses: Arabic and French
PG diploma courses: teaching of Arabic
Diploma courses: Arabic, French, Spanish, Russian, German, Japanese
Certificate of proficiency: Arabic, French, Spanish, Russian, German, Japanese

University of Delhi

PhD: German, Hispanic, Persian
 M Phil: Arabic, Bulgarian language, French, German, Hispanic, Italian, linguistics, Persian, Russian
MA: Arabic, French, German, Hispanic, Italian, linguistics, Persian
BA (Honors): French, German, Persian, Spanish, Zonga, Arabic
Diploma/advanced diploma/certificate courses: applied linguistics, Bulgarian/Croatian/ Czech/ French/German/ Hungarian/Italian/Persian/polish/Serbian/Slovak languages
Website: www.du.ac.in

Banaras Hindu university

MA: Arabic, Chinese, German, Persian, Russian, Nepali, Pali, linguistics
PG diploma: Japanese studies, Duration: 1 year
BA (Honors): Arabic, German, French, Persian, Russian, Nepali, Pali, linguistics
UG diploma: Arabic, Chinese, French studies, German studies, Nepali, Persian, Russian, Sinhalese
Website: www.bhu.ac.in

University of Madras:

M Phil: French; M A: French
Diploma/certificate: French, German, Italian, Spanish
Website: www.unom.ac.in

Jamia Millia islamia

PhD: Arabic, Persian; MA: Arabic, Persian
BA (Honors): Arabic, Persian
Advanced diploma: Modern Arabic languages and translation, modern Persian, turkmenian, Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Russian, Italian
Diploma courses: Modern Arabic, modern Persian, turkmenian, Turkish, Kazakh, Uzbek, Craig, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Russian, Italian.

University of Mumbai:  

PhD: Arabic, French, Persian
MA: Arabic, French, Persian
BA: Arabic, French, Persian, Chinese, German, Japanese, Pali, Portuguese, Russian
Advanced diploma: Arabic, German, Russian
Diploma: Arabic, German, Russian, French, Italian, Persian, polish
Certificate: Arabic, German, Russian, French, Italian, Persian, polish
Website: www.mu.ac.in


PhD: Arabic, French
Certificate: German, Japanese, French, Arabic
Diploma: teaching German language

Campus Recruitment

Students who have pursued foreign languages have many opportunities. Demand is increasing for jobs in this sector. As EFLU is especially famous for foreign languages so many precautions are taken in upgrading the teaching methodologies.  With the aim to make the students proficient in the foreign languages that have come to EFLU, trained teachers along with the staff are working to provide the courses through advanced techniques to the students. There is good demand from the IT industry to the courses in EFLU. Fifteen National and multinational companies are coming to EFLU for campus recruitment.

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