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Latest Changes in IBPS Rules

IBPS Rules Employment NewsMaximum age limit extended up to 30 years.
It is not compulsory to get 60% marks in degree.
Recalling computer knowledge compulsory rule.

Many candidates across the country were dissatisfied with the decision of IBPS reducing the age limit for the IBPS PO exams. Candidates from all states opposed the decision of the IBPS officials in reducing the age limit and increasing the eligibility criteria to write the examination. As opposition has increased the IBPS (institute of banking personnel selection) officials have withdrawn their decision and made the necessary changes. But still there is some resistance from candidates belonging to villages regarding the online examination format as they don’t have full- fledged skills in operating the computer and writing an online exam.

New rules mentioned earlier in the IBPS notification:

Reduction of maximum age limit from 30 years to 28 years

Mandatory of 60% marks in degree

Fees have increased from Rs 450 to Rs 600 and for SC and ST candidates it is now Rs 100 which has been increased from Rs 50.

Previously the answers were marked on the OMR sheet in a, b, c, d format but one should now write an online exam.

Official IBPS withdrawal on the new rules has been released

The maximum age limit has been increased from 28 years to 30 years

There is no mandatory rule that one should get 60% marks in degree

Compulsion of computer knowledge as eligibility along with degree has been withdrawn

Decrease in the number of candidates attempting IBPS

For the IBPS notification released in 2011 July almost 14 ½ lakh candidates have applied out of which 10 ½ lakh candidates have written the examination. Out of them one lakh twelve thousand (almost 10%) have become eligible and twenty thousand candidates have got the jobs.

For the 2012 march notification of IBPS 10 lakh candidates have applied and 7 lakh candidates have written the examination. 61 thousand candidates (8%) have become eligible and out of which 25 thousand candidates have got the job. 

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