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How these students became IIT Toppers?

Getting a seat in prestigious IIT institutes is a great success and to get top ranks succeeding all other candidates across the country in that entrance test is not an easy task. The IIT advanced tests which is attempted by the students across the country needs to have clarity on concepts, in depth knowledge on the subject and great ability to become successful in the exam. So let us share the experiences of Sai Sandeep and Ravi Chandra who have claimed first and second ranks in the IIT entrance and become top rankers in the country.

Dreams have come true
Sai Sandeep is the state topper in state level EAMCET entrance test and has now became the national level topper in the IIT entrance test. The double achieved by Sai Sandeep is very clear right from the beginning that his aim is to target the IIT seat and has made his dream come true. So let us hear from him regarding his preparation for the IIT seat………

Getting all India top rank in IIT entrance test is my aim which became true and after knowing the results I was happy that my 6 years of hardship has finally got the result. But I have done this all because of my interest and studied hard to reach the goal.

My health is not good before one week to the JEE mains exam and so I felt that I have not written the exam well and felt very bad. But it is important at that time not to feel depressed and my parents supported me very well so I worked hard and studied with determination for the one and a half month to attempt the advanced test.

In maths I have marked an answer wrong by mistake and as there is a rule to use only ball pen I couldn’t rectify the mistake and lost five marks. Though felt bad about that I have been careful not to reflect that mood on the other answers and only after getting first rank I could forget that experience.

To get this rank I have not sacrificed all my interests as I used to watch a movie for every two weeks and read harry potter books as I like them very much.

Right from 7th standard in Viswabharati School the first step for the foundation of IIT has been started. Abdul kalam is my inspiration and I used to have the ambition of becoming engineering right from the beginning and used to focus more on math’s subject. But the main coaching for IIT entrance test has started from the intermediate first year in Sri Chaitanya Narayana residential college.

Hard work is important
First I never focused on getting ranks and used to think about understanding the total syllabus and work hard to get good marks. Any student gets an understanding by the time they reach second year in intermediate. We can know what topics have to be referred, which topics should be given more importance, how much time has to be allotted for revision and so on.

In my opinion the ratio of teaching and preparation by the student is in the range of 10:90. It means that in proper guidance the student has to work very hard. Mainly in IIT entrance test chemistry is the scoring subject and there are lots of things to be remembered in Inorganic chemistry due to which I have allotted more time to this subject.

IIT entrance test cannot be estimated and though the questions are tough one should be prepared to attempt them. Without fear and stress one should prepare themselves to face the exam and attempt the answers.

IIT Aspirants
It is not correct to think that if you prepare for IIT you can at least get a rank in the EAMCET examination. With that kind of preparation you may not succeed in both the exams. Everyone should estimate their ability and prepare accordingly to get a seat for engineering.

Those who think to attempt for IIT exams should have at least average intelligence and hard working nature. One should read for at least 12 hours on average in a day. First one should set a goal and then plan according to the topics for preparation. One should have understanding on all concepts with in depth knowledge and full concentration.

First year syllabus has to be totally read and covered. After that one should concentrate on certain topics for in depth knowledge. Any student may not understand some concepts which is quite common and they should clarify their doubts from the teachers. One should get clarity on subjects and estimate their ability in the grand tests and should come to an understanding as to where they need to do more hard work and concentrate.

How to prepare for IIT?
For IIT entrance test intermediate syllabus books are not sufficient. Those books cover basic concepts and they should be studied in depth for the IIT advanced test. I have read some other books above the course material supplied by the college.

Math’s: R D Sharma, MTG publication series, physics: H C Verma, I E Erodope, chemistry: Atkins, Wade junior and Jade lee.

I have revised the old question papers and have prepared notes for all these subjects. This has become useful to revise quickly before the exam.

What is the difference?
In intermediate and EAMCET all known questions are given there is no need to apply concepts to derive the answers. But in IIT entrance test application is more important and we should be able to apply the concept and get the answers.

As students are used for intermediate model examination it is getting difficult to crack the IIT advanced exam considering it to be very tough. But in reality it is not tough and the things to be remembered are less compared to EPI.  With proper planning one does the hard work without wasting time anyone can easily get a rank in the IIT entrance test.

Ravi Chandra’s Dream come true
Ravi Chandra has got 9th rank in EAMCET and in IIT advanced he has achieved all India second rank making his dream come true. His specialty is to earn various scholarships, awards, gold medals in different talent examinations. So let us see how he has prepared to achieve the goal of getting a good rank in the IIT entrance test in his own words.
The journey towards IIT has started for me in the 8th standard from the Sharma institute in Nallakunta. But my ambition became serious from intermediate and my goal is to get a rank in the top 10 in the IIT entrance test and for this my teachers and college lecturers have encouraged me very much.

It was never tough for me to prepare for the IIT entrance test as I have enjoyed the study with an interest on the subject. I have restricted myself from TV and internet but in the JEE mains I have scored less marks and couldn’t be in the top 10. So I have become depressed and got my motivation levels down. But during this time my parents and friends helped a lot creating good environment for me to study which became very useful to study well in the next 1 and ½ month for the advanced test.

Difference between the two tests
The difference between IPE and IIT is that for the former test it is enough to study and write remembering the answers and more priority is for remembering things. But in IIT there is no need to remember too many things but one should be able to think and apply the concepts in the examination. For EAMCET one needs speed as everyone can write answers to the given questions but time is not sufficient. For IIT there is no need for such speed in writing answers.

It is difficult to write IIT exam by preparing for the IPE entrance test because for IIT one should study in depth. In IPE one can by heart basic concepts and get the marks. But in IIT exam one should be able to apply concepts to the living conditions and write the answers.

Maths: TMH publishers-maths for IIT JEE, physics: Erodope, chemistry: Bahadur, Himansu and Gopi tendon.

It is easy if you have interest
Those who want to get a seat in IIT should have interest on the subject. Every day they should practice for at least 6 to 7 hours time. But if one wants to become the topper they should read for 10 hours time along with good guidance. One should be able to enjoy their preparation when only one can feel easy for preparing to the IIT entrance test.

For this examination the teaching can help only 20% and the rest 80% depends on the student’s hard work. One should also practice old questions papers of 5 to 6 years back. They should find out where they are going wrong and take the help of lecturers in clearing their doubts. It is not important that how much we have studied but how much we have practiced should be taken into consideration. One should also not feel fear or anxiety in the exam and be able to write the exam with confidence.

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