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How to prepare for SSC Combined Higher Secondary (10+2) Level Exam 2015?

Central government jobs with intermediate qualification

There is a great opportunity to get the central government jobs being in the age group of just 18 to 20 years with the release of the notification for the higher secondary level entrance test-2015 to fill in the vacancies in different central government organizations for the lower division clerk and data entry operator posts. So let us check out the exam pattern and how to prepare for the exam putting in all the efforts……….

Almost to fill in the vacancies in 40 organizations SSC has released the notification. Those who join as data entry operators or clerks have every chance to reach the gazette officer rank over a period of time.

With just intermediate qualification this higher secondary level examination creates an opportunity to the candidates to reach the gazette officer level starting with a non gazette post. Candidates who have done polytechnic or inter vocational equivalent to 10+2 can also apply. If an 18 year old candidate belonging to SC/ST joins as a clerk or data entry operator then there are chances to reach the assistant commissioner rank (group A post).

The age limit for this examination is minimum 18 years and maximum 27 years.

What is the Pattern of SSC Combined Higher Secondary Exam 2015?

This exam is conducted in two phases. First the written exam is conducted for 200 marks. After that for the data entry post a skill test and lower division clerk post shall have a typing test.

For the written exam conducted for 200 marks the time allotted is 2 hours and there are 4 sections in the paper.

General intelligence- Reasoning- 50 marks
English- 50 marks
Quantitative aptitude-50 marks
General awarenss-50 marks

All questions are given in English and Hindi in objective format. There is also negative marking like the right answer is awarded 1 mark where as every wrong answer carries minus 0.25 marks. So the candidates should only attempt those questions they know well.

There is no need to qualify in every section and compared to other tests this SSC test has only four options given and there won’t be the option “None” in the choice given. Usually with this none option candidates get confused in the entrance tests. So as this option is not given here it is really an advantage to the candidates writing this test.

For the data entry operators skills test one should be able to type 2000 to 2200 words in the given 15 minute’s time.

For the lower division clerk post as per the candidates wish either English or Hindi typing test is conducted. Within 10 minutes time the candidates need to type 30 to 35 given words.

There is no need of any qualification in typing to take the test. If the candidate has the ability to type it is more than enough. So it is better for the candidates to practice typing and they can increase their typing speed online on the internet. One should make a habit of typing with both the hands. Though the candidates don’t know typing it is not a tough task if they start practicing from now onwards by allotting some time for practicing typing work.

Every year 5000-10000 jobs are filled in through this entrance test. There are no special quotas for the state and all the jobs are filled in based on the merit nationwide.

Compared to other government sector entrance tests this SSC test has low competition so if one carefully tries for the job there is every chance of getting the job. With the subjects prepared for this exam one can also write other exams that are regularly held every year (SSC-CGL/M.Ts, FCI etc).

In this test the English language questions are given in normal standards. So there is no necessity for the local medium or rural background candidates to fear about the exam. One should also come out from unnecessary apprehensions regarding typing test and should practice regularly to increase their speed.

Quantitative aptitude for SSC CHSLE 2015:

Candidates should have an understanding on the math’s topics like arithmetic, algebra, geometry, measurements, triangles, statistical charts etc.

In arithmetic there are few chances for standard weightage so one should have command on basic concepts along with knowing the tactics to solve the problems with speed. Mainly topics like percentages, ratios, profit and loss, simple interest and compound interest, time and work, time and distance has to be practiced.

Regarding algebra formulas from the 6th to 10th standard books have to be remembered and should also practice the linear equations. In geometry one should increase their knowledge on circles and triangles, rectangles, pentagon, octagon, cylinder, radius, sphere and so on from the 8th, 9th and 10th books.

Questions from triangles, linear, straight lines and so on have come in the previous exam so one should concentrate on those topics.

Questions are also given on Bar charts, Pi charts and tables so for this one should have command on percentages, ratios and averages.

If one can practice to do mental math’s without using the pen then they can surely save some time to attempt more questions.

General awareness for SSC CHSLE 2015:

In this section questions are given on the daily news, conditions in the society and technological issues. One should also read history, geography, politics and economic conditions of both the country and other countries to answer the questions well.

In SSC examination usually questions from the below topics are given in the general studies paper.
Indian history
Indian culture
Geographical conditions
Economic conditions
Political science

There is also scope to ask more questions on climatic conditions in the country. For this one can prepare from the 7th to 10th NCERT books or else can look out for a best book aimed for the SSC entrance test from the market.

On these topics questions related to India shall be given. One should also enhance their knowledge on current affairs, science and technology by reading the newspapers daily. There is no need to read about the international history or international geography. As questions are given based on the current issues candidates should only attempt the questions if only they know the answers. There is no scope for analysis in these questions and if analyze the old question papers then current affairs related questions are not given much. Right now current affair questions on economy, environment, science and technology which are in the news are being given. So, one can check out the current affairs from the Eenadu Prathiba website that would be helpful to them.

General intelligence for SSC CHSLE 2015:

If compared to other entrance tests this section is just like the reasoning. In reasoning questions are based on a logic. But in general intelligence questions are based on knowledge and subject oriented. The reasoning paper has two sections with a total of 50 questions………

Verbal: In these questions shall come on numbers, letters and words with a total of 35 questions. 15 questions are given on analog, series and odd man out. So candidates should have a command on additions, subtraction, multiplication, division, LCM , HCF and so on. Candidates should prepare in such a way that on seeing the question they should be able to identify the answer.

Rule based questions are given on numbers and words so one should have command on basic number system. On seeing any number one should be able to identify LCM, squares etc. Regarding word analog and word classification questions are based on concept, GK related, general topic and common sense. Apart from this directions, blood relations, calendar and time 5 questions are given.

Non verbal: In this section 15 questions are given on tables and pictures. In this mainly questions on mirror image, water image, vein pictures, paper folding and cutting are given. Candidates should get used to imagine the answer based on the question. Based on the questions candidates should also practice the back track methodology. Similarly along with this one should be able to answer the questions based on the unfinished pictures in the question.

For candidates who are blind 40% and above can have a scribe to write the answers and they are not given questions based on pictures and tables.

English for SSC CHSLE 2015:

According to the syllabus candidate should improve their knowledge on general grammar, comprehension passage and vocabulary and practice questions on them.

Synonyms should be practiced every day. At least meanings to 20 new words every day should be learnt and observe how they are applied in the daily life.
By observing the old question papers one can find out what questions are given in each chapter and check out the rules behind those questions to easily answer the paper.
Candidate should also increase their command on language, articles, prepositions, tenses, voice, speech etc.
One should practice to read the comprehension quickly and write the answers by understanding the gist of the given passage.
Every day one should practice new things that they come across in the language
By practicing model question papers one should try to increase their scores

For example: Avail, absent, acquit, enjoy, resign, pride, and exert verbs should be used with reflexive nouns like myself and himself.

In if clause for guess/imagination were should be used. Prepositions can be learnt through the pictures.

Precautions to be taken while preparing for SSC Combined Higher Secondary Level Exam:

Books of 8th, 9th and 10th standard civics, social and math’s books have to be studied.
For aptitude section candidates should have grip on additions, subtractions, multiplications and divisions.
The formulas of maths should be written at one place and should be practice daily to solve the problems quickly.
In general intelligence section candidates should practice questions given on tables, pictures, numbers and words and should also read the newspapers daily.
As there is negative marking it is better for the candidates to leave the questions that are unknown to them instead of guessing the answer.
Should practice model question papers.
Every day candidates should allot some time for practicing typing.

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