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Job Opportunities in Mobile Phone Industry, Courses Required for Jobs in this Cell Phone Sector

Career opportunities in Mobile Phones and Applications industry

Jobs in Mobile Phone SectorIn the name of Mobile India 2013 the international mobile operators committee has come up with a report according to which by the year 2020 there shall be 41 lakh job opportunities in the mobile phone industry. Not only that, the mobile industry is also going to occupy a portion of 400 billon dollars in the national GDP. In this scenario mobile phone industry is going to offer a huge platform for creating so many job opportunities to the youth. The companies shall look in to hire the candidates having the right skills suitable for their industry. So let us check out the different job opportunities available in this cell phone industry……

Till yesteryears mobile phone used to be only for communication but now it has become an ornament in the hand and this is the reason why the Cell phones which used to be very big and heavy have now turned out into smart phones and have become the most favorite gadgets for youth. Most of the phones in the market are right now being operated using Android or iOS operating systems. In this scenario those who have developed skills in android can find top class jobs in the mobile manufacturing industry. Not only that as usage of laptops, tablets, notebooks, ipad gadgets are also increasing all those having good knowledge in developing applications for those gadgets are also now being able to find good jobs as the sector is creating best job opportunities for those candidates who have the right skills and talent to survive in this industry.

Careers in Cell Phone IndustryMany are using Cell phones which have the right operating systems that are suitable to download the applications for their individual and professional requirements. These applications can however be downloaded on the mobile using the platforms like android, iOS, windows or blackberry. For example as soon as blackberry has launched their messenger application it has been downloaded more than 1 crore times as per the sources of blackberry company Canada. This application has in fact stood as the number one in more than 75 countries including America.

So in this scenario all mobile companies are hunting for professionals who can develop new applications to attract the mobile customers. The mobile companies are regularly coming up with adding new features to their smart phones. They are not only coming up with applications useful to their regular and ordinary customers but which are also useful for different sectors like business, entertainment, railway, media, banks, healthcare, real estate, social media, marketing, animation and gaming etc to improve their customer base.

Various Job opportunities in mobile phone industry:

Mobile phone system engineer
Android, blackberry, iPhone, windows mobile applications developer
Game developer
Mobile architect/ mobile software platform architect
Mobile technicians
Mobile plant equipment mechanic
Mobile security expert
Mobile phone verification manager
Mobile architect
Customer care officer/call center
Marketing manager
Technical support engineer
KPI ( key performance indicare) engineer
Junior/senior software engineers-3g
Embedded software engineer GSM/GPRS
Network technical support engineer/ technical analyst

Eligibility for Mobile Phone Industry jobs:

To find job opportunities in the mobile industry one should do their degree in B Tech computer science and engineering (CSE), electronics and communication engineering (ECE), information technology (IT), telecommunication engineering ( with specialization or a subject in mobile technology), or MCA courses. Not only in these courses those who have done other degrees are also eligible but should have knowledge in science and engineering. After degree they should have done special courses related to mobile industry which are being offered by many private institutes. This course duration generally lasts for 2 to 3 months time. However, some institutes are also offering these courses online. But rather than doing courses online it is better to do in the institutes as one shall have practical exposure and can also clear their doubts taking to the faculty.

Courses offered in our country for Mobile Phone Sector:

Mobile Phone Industry Employment NewsIn our country most of the mobile phones (almost 65%) are working on the android operating system. This android application development course is being offered by computer training institutes across the country. The course duration takes 2 to 3 months time and as part of the course one shall be taught right from history of android to publishing android applications that include:

Application fundamentals
Components and layouts
Style and themes
Multimedia supported
Creating dialogues
Adding menus and icons
Basic android user interface and advanced user interface
Animation graphics
Networking, android services
Location based services

Training shall also be given on Wi-Fi, telephone, blue tooth technology. As part of the course both theory and practicals are covered. Students should understand theory and try to implement those things in their practical’s to enhance their knowledge and skills in the mobile sector.

Iphone Apps: some topics in the course curriculum
Iphone software development (SDK)
Introduction to xcode
Introduction to URL loading system’
Integrate iphone app with address book, map
UI navigation bar, UI navigation controller
Web services
Screen orientations
View controllers
Property list types and objects

Windows phone-8 apps development:

The course is divided into six modules
Windows phone 8 platform
Windows phone 8 development tools
Downloading and install the tools
Windows phone 8 SDK overview
Application life cycle
Application user interface design
Frames and page structure
System tray and navigation
Design windows phone 8 control usage
Using system themes and screen orientation
Location awareness system settings

Mobile services are expanding to all sectors

Apart from communication mobile is now playing a key role in many business transactions. It is in fact bringing in lot of changes in retail marketing. Previously mobile technology used to be applied extensively in the corporate sector. Now it is playing an important role in education, banking, small scale industries, M commerce, and hotels etc. In the coming 10 years lot of changes are going to take place in the mobile manufacturing. Right now mobile industry business is flourishing with blackberry, android and apps based on which there shall also be lot of employment opportunities and self employment in the Mobile industry.

But to grab those job opportunities one has to have great interest regarding mobile technology and creativity. Mainly, Java is necessary to settle down in this mobile phone industry but as mobile applications are increasing one should also study technology in depth and keep them updating with the latest developments. Demand is increasing for GPRS and vehicle tracking for which one should learn high level programming. There are special courses for blackberry, android and iOS and those who wanted to take this as a career should learn these courses with dedication and commitment to find the right employment opportunities. If these mobile applications are extensively used in the service sector there shall be lot of job opportunities in the industry and based on the standards of the company one can expect good pay packages. One can accept starting salary of 8 to 10 thousand in the first which can be expected to double within a year’s time.

For becoming project manager and app thoughts one should follow the following skills:

Should have good grip on C and C++
In depth and analytical knowledge on HTML 5
Grip on Java is mandatory
Should have skills to develop new applications
Having creativity is compulsory to be in the race
To develop different types of mobile applications it is important to have skills to develop related algorithm plus analyze it
Basic knowledge on android SDK is important
Basic knowledge on Blue tooth, wireless data link layer, Wi-Fi and vi max is compulsory
Must possess research orientation on mobile networks protocols, GSM, 2.5g and 3g
Should be able to identify and solve the mobile security and information security problems

Career Prospects in Mobile Phone Industry:

There are plenty of opportunities for those who have done mobile related courses. Both national and international companies are releasing almost one new Smartphone every month into the market and with attractive features and designs they are tempting the customers to buy these mobile phones. But to develop the applications there are not enough professionals available in the industry as per the demand. So in this scenario those who learn these courses can find good job offers and build a bright career in the industry. If one can develop new applications with their creative thoughts they can also start a new company on their own.

Remuneration (Salary) in Moble Phone Industry:

The application developers can initial get salaries ranging from 3 to 5 lakhs per annum and based on the performance and experience it can increase to about fifty thousand per month. Those working in other departments can also earn initial salaries in the range of 2.5 lakhs to 4 lakhs.

Different types of applications:

There are almost 60% job opportunities in applications designs and developments in the industry. Many people also choose their mobiles based on the applications and the different types of applications that are right now available are:

Lifestyle apps

Health, Medical apps
Games apps
Health and medical apps
Travel apps
Music and entertainment apps
Education apps
E-books publishing apps
Business apps
Multimedia apps
Maps and Navigation apps

Top recruiters in Mobile Phone industry:

Black berry
Sony Ericson
Micro max
LG mobiles
Carbon mobiles
Financial services company


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