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Mini Online MBA Program Free of Cost in India

MBA Employment NewsPresently there is a lot of demand for online MBA Programs. Renowned Universities like Harvard, MIT have been making arrangements with an investment of 60 million US dollars for starting their courses on-line. In the same mode, mybskool.com is offering their online MBA courses in India.

In the coming 10 years, estimates are rife that 20 million Executives / Mangers with business skills and having vital knowledge of trade and commerce are needed. Even by now, it is a fact that there is scarcity in the basic and middle levels for these people. With the increasing demand for them, there is an urgent need to have people having management skills in large numbers in future.

Renowned Business Schools in our country are not able to supply the needed number of Managers in tune with the increasing job opportunities in the big international organisations set up in our country and therefore, they are taking all steps to supply the skilled persons through their distance MBA courses.

Mini free online MBA

As per the global survey conducted in 2012 in 216 companies, 75 percent of companies have shown interest to recruit Management Graduates. In 2011, this percentage was just 58.

To launch distance education courses, Harvard, MIT and EDX Initiative are going to invest 60 million US dollars.

It has become a virtual necessity to Young Management Experts to hold a Management Degree for their career development. Generally, students show interest to do full time top MBA programs in top business schools; however, the seats in such schools are limited in numbers. Waiting for a seat in such schools puts a break to the career development and hence they choose the Distant Mode of Education for MBA (http://www.admissions-open.in/search/label/MBA%20Admissions). Taking the scenario as an advantage for them, the B Schools are extensively utilising the latest technology for producing competent persons for the industry.

On-line form of education has been transforming as an important mode of education. In our country, apart from the cost, competition has also increased. In this background, courses in Distant mode and On-line mode have been showing fast developments. E-Learning entails stability and depends on the student’s ability and skills. On-line courses help the students to take up higher level courses (http://businessmajors.about.com/od/programcomparison/a/mbaDegree.htm) with the least expenditure. With the availability of 3G, Broad Band, Tablets and Smart Phones, even students living in small towns can access the lectures of world renowned faculty.

Online MBA courses in India through Audio and Video Lessons …

The platform that myBskool.com has developed consists of 6000 Audio Lessons, 2500 Video Lectures, many Case Study Discussions and Skill Builders. All these are from renowned faculty and practising Managers, normally not accessible to many. Utilising the advanced technology, these Videos are developed to run with zero buffering and live streaming.

The currently available 3 Screen Platform (PC – Tablet – Smart Phone) can be treated as a replica of real ‘Portable Class Room’ model course with the least expenses and with tutorials from renowned Management Experts. Keeping in view these benefits, Mr. Swaminathan, its CEO has stated that myBskool.com has been offering Mini MBA programme free of cost. The main purpose for which this course is designed and delivered is to impart knowledge in Practical Business Fundamentals along with Training Modules. This programme helps to understand the fundamental of Management and take proper decisions in business transactions. For doing this MBA, experts can be selected depending upon their business experiences and skills for this course. It helps the candidates to scale up the career ladder in the organisations in which they are presently working. It is the best facility to know which branch is to be selected for the study and for already employed persons to sharpen their skills and to develop the material knowledge in their respective fields.

To attend the classes, already employed persons will have to give a temporary break to their careers. For such people, it is a challenge to go in for this higher education. myBskool.com makes to overcome the time and distance problems with their Mini MBA on-line programme.

Fundamentals of Economics, basics of Accounting and Finance, Noticeable points in Marketing and Essentials of Business Communication will be taken up with Video Lectures and Case Studies. Business Experts, Employees, Small Traders and Students can take up this course. 

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