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Aeronautical Engineering Course and Job Opportunities in it.

There may be some students showing a lot of interest in some novel courses different from the conventional courses, available almost in all the Colleges. Students showing interest in Aeronautical Engineering come under this category and the following facts are for them.

What is Aeronautical Engineering Course?

The Aeronautical Engineering course imparts necessary learning and training about the aero sector, its development, maintenance and control of the aeroplanes. The important points relating to the aeroplanes in transport and defence sectors in the design, construction, testing, operation and maintenance will be taught in this course. Availing the latest technology is seen more in this sector and it inspires those, who choose this course, to take it as a challenge. Since they work as a team under the supervision and guidance of expert aeronautical engineers in their theory and practice, there would be ample opportunities for them to sharpen their skills.

In their professional activities, Mechanical Engineers and Aeronautical Engineers perform some special types of works. They will be responsible for maintenance of engines, electronic gadgets, electrical & radio appliances and communication systems; and also for checking their pre-launch competence.  Training modules in these sections will be in their B.Tech. courses. Aeronautical Engineering can therefore be treated as a specialised course to meet the various needs relating to aeronautics segment.

Academic qualifications Required to Study Aeronautical Engineering Course

Proficiency in Maths and Physical sciences is necessary, especially command in Thermo Dynamics, Air Pressure, Mechanics and Fluid Mechanics subjects. Should be well conversant in Accretion, Dissection and Vector Algebra chapters. In addition, they should have the following qualities and skills:

* Should feel responsible
* Should exhibit promptness and precision (because, technical checks for aeroplanes should be completed within a short time) 
* Should not have eye sight problems.
* Should have interest in technical and mechanical works.
* Should derive pleasure in working in a group.
* Should be physically fit.
* Should possess good communication skills.

Job opportunities available for Aeronautical Engineers

Aeronautical Engineering Course InformationGood job opportunities are available to Aeronautical Engineers in public and private airline organisations. They can be appointed as Air Craft Engineers in private companies like Pawan Hans, Helicopter Corporation of India, Jet Air ways, Spice Jet and in the public sector airline Air India.

Finer employment opportunities are also available in Hindustan Aeronautics Limited of the Defence Department, Indian Space Research Organisation, DRDO, National Aeronautics Limited, Aeronautical Development Establishment and Civil Aviation department and in Missile Manufacturing Companies.

Instead of going through B.Tech., degree in Aeronautical Engineering can be secured by passing Section – A and Section – B tests being conducted separately by the Institute of Engineers and Aeronautical Society of India. These candidates should compete for the jobs with Mechanical and Aerospace Engineers. To acquire special skills in this segment, they will have to acquire the necessary knowledge in its sub sections like Architectural Design, Navigational Guidance, Military Aeroplanes, Civil Aeroplanes and Helicopters.

To become successful in these areas with attractive salaries and perks, one should be prepared to withstand the work pressure. Alertness, accelerated activity and extra caution should be cultivated. This segment is number one in using the latest technology and therefore, they should go on updating their knowledge in the field as a continuous process.

Article written by Manmadha Rao for Employment News Today

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