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Simple Techniques to Score High in IBPS Common Written Exams?

IBPS Preparation Techniques
It is a great opportunity for candidates to lay a path for bright future in their careers with Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS). What is needed is that they should strive to have a good grip on the subjects in the written examination of IBPS. Efforts are to be put in right earnest keeping in view the standard of the IBPS examination. Enough if they could secure 100 – 120 marks in IBPS out of the 200 questions to get the job. Instead of trying to answer all the questions, it is advisable to give correct answers to at least 120 questions.

Time management is crucial in competitive tests like IBPS CWE for Probationary Officers / Management Trainees (http://www.sarkarinaukri-samachar.com/2014/07/ibps-cwe-po-mt.html). In Bank tests, one should secure the minimum prescribed qualifying marks. Therefore, it would be OK if 25 – 30 questions are correctly answered in each of the sections of the paper. So it is important to make good preparation to secure more marks in the test within the least amount of time.

The time allotted to each of the sections in the IBPS CWE should be conveniently divided into two parts. For example, for Reasoning Part of IBPS Common Written Exam, allot 20 minutes in the first part and 10 minutes in the second part. With time management (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Time_management), the minimum marks can be secured in the first part and through the second part, more total marks can be secured.

Points to be taken note of while preparing for IBPS Test

* When answer to a question could not be recollected, don’t try it again; instead, go to the
next question.
* Don’t stay in the same part for long.
* Don’t spend more time to a question.
* Since negative marking is there in IBPS Common Written Exam, don’t answer the question you definitely don’t know its answer.
* Change over to the next part as per the planning you have drawn for each part.
* Keep the questions to which you don’t have definite answers in ‘Mark Review’ mode and check them in the end.
* Using ‘View Question Paper’ mode in IBPS Online CWE (http://www.ibps.in/html/online_test.htm), read all the questions and answer only those, to which you know correct answers
*Hover the mouse on the name of the section (part); you will know the number of questions you have already answered.

How to deal with Arithmetic in IBPS CWE?

* Concentrate on Simplification. To answer the questions in Numerical Ability, it is essential that you should be thorough with Bodmas Rule, Multiplications, Divisions, Squares, Cubes and Roots.
* Make it a habit to make calculations in your mind without using paper.
* More marks can be secured in Data Analysis. Have a good grip over Percentages, Averages and Ratios.
* In the recent IBPS test for POs, questions on topics in Compound Interest, Simple interest    and Time & Distance were also included in Data Analysis.
* Since Arithmetic points also are included in Data Analysis, candidates should put the best   efforts with intensive exercises in each of the topics.
* Draw your plans to see that 30 to 35 questions are correctly answered within 30 minutes, conveniently dividing it into two slots.
* Write down the formulae in one place and keep them in your memory with repetitive reading.
* In the preparation stage, note down the wrong answers and pay extra attention to them.

There are a series of banking examinations up to February 25th, 2015. Success will be yours if you put the needed efforts in your studies and exercises.

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