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AP DSC – The New Exam Model

In accordance with the statement issued by the Government that TET will be discontinued, it decided to make it a part of AP DSC written test. Till now, TET and DSC were conducted separately. From now on, AP DSC selection test will be conducted for 180 marks including for TET.

This new model test will contain some sections of DSC and some sections of TET. For example, earlier, candidates competing for Secondary Grade teacher posts were required to write Paper – 1 in TET. In it the test was conducted for 150 marks with Child Development – Teaching Methodology, Language skills -1, Language Skills -2, Arithmetic and Environmental Science topics. In DSC, in STG paper, there were General Knowledge, Current Affairs, Telugu and English language skills, Arithmetic from 1 – 8 standards, Social Studies, Content and Teaching Methodologies (D.Ed. syllabus) topics for 80 marks.

In the revised DSC model, a new question paper is designed with mixing up of both of them. Possibility is that the DSC question paper in the new model will be for 180 marks with 180 questions with a time duration of 3 hours. School Assistant, Mathematics, Physical Sciences, Biological Sciences, Social Studies, Telugu, Hindi and English – subjects are altered similar to the same method.

In the revised model, A.P. DSC written test will be conducted for 180 marks. 20 marks weightage will be given to those, who have written TET in the past. Even those who have written TET earlier should write the entire papers in DSC now also. In case their score in the earlier TET was more than the current DSC score, their earlier score will be taken into account. If they get more marks in the revised DSC test, these marks will be added to the final total marks. Preference of TET will be recognised only to the relevant appointments. To facilitate appointments in private and un-aided schools, a confirmation letter will be issued to them. Clarity is yet to come out as to how to show the identity of TET in the approach of the paper. From the preliminary information available, the AP DSC Syllabus 2014 will be the same as in 2012 DSC.

It is proposed to issue the Notification for DSC – 2014 on 5th September and start the sale of application forms from 16th September. Education department is contemplating to conduct the written tests on 13th, 14th and 15th December and release the results by 24th January. High level review in the matter will be taken up soon on this subject and finally the proposed dates will be confirmed.

Article written by Manmadhara Rao for Employment News Today

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