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D.A. increase by 7% to Central Government Employees

Dearness Allowance (DA) to Central Government Employees and Central Government Pensioners is going to go up from the present 100% to 107% from now on. The government of India accepted the proposal and nearly 30 lakh Central Government Employees and 50 lakh Pensioners will get this benefit.  A Government Official has stated that in view of the rate of inflation @7.25% prevailing during the period from 1.7.2013 to 30.6.2014, the Government increased the DA rate by 7% to its Employees and Pensioners. The Finance Ministry submitted the Dearness Allowance proposal for the increase to the Central Cabinet Committee and it is passed.

However, the Central Employees’ Unions Associations are dissatisfied since their demand for merger of the DA with the Basic Pay has not been conceded by the Government. Sri K.K.S.Kutti, President of Central Trade Unions has stated that in spite of conveying their demand through the 7th Pay Commission report, no decision in the matter has so far been taken by the Government. He further stated that DA merger with Basic Pay would increase the benefit in their pay and allowances.  Earlier, the practice was to merge DA in the Basic Pay in the event of DA exceeding 50%. The 6th Pay Commission did not accept it.

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