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7th Pay Commission New Pay Scales as per Committee Report

7th Pay Commission New Pay Scale from 1st January,2016

The central government employees are very eager to know their pay scales after 7th Pay Commission implementation. There are many articles on the web what would be the pay scales after the 7th pay commission is finally declared. One such website www.7th-paycommission.com prepared a pay scale chart for central government employees guessing what would be the 7th Pay Commission’s possible pay scales.

7th Pay Commission Pay Structure 

Basing on the earlier pay commissions from 1st pay commission to 6th pay commission the 7th CPC pay scale chart is prepared. We Employment News Today are publishing this chart below for our regular visitors to estimate their basic pay and salary in 7th Pay Commission. This is only an expectation and the readers are advised not to think this as final and please wait until the 7th CPC report is finally declared.

A number of wage hike projections are going round presuming a uniform multiplying factor band between 2.5 and 3.5 taking into account the initial pay scales; but in effect the hike may not be that much, but may be likely in the range between 10% and 30% on the actual gross salary drawn prior to 1st January 2016, the expected date of implementation of the 7th Pay Commission recommendations.

What would be the 7th Pay Commission Pay Scales?
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