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State Bank of India Clerks Interview Probable Questions, DOs & Dont's

SBI Clerks – Interview Guidance

State Bank of India conducted written tests in the months of June and July during this year for filling up posts in its Clerical Cadre. Interviews have already started from 8th December to those of the candidates, who came out successful in the tests.

It is but natural that candidates appearing for the interview in SBI develop some type of tension and fear to fact it, especially in the matter of possible questions they may have to face. Generally the Members in the SBI Interview Board try to assess and analyse the personality of the candidates and therefore, the candidates should be sincere and honest in their replies to the questions. In case they do not know answers to some of the questions, they must be plain to accept that they do not know the answers. Usually, many of the questions in the State Bank of India interview will be repeatedly common and it would be enough if good preparation is given to such questions.

* Questions generally asked in the SBI Interview …

Tell something about you
Why did you select Banking sector for your career?
Sincerely tell them why you are writing the Bank tests – don’t give a vague answer just to please them; tell them what you exactly feel about it.

Tell your strengths and weaknesses.
Weaknesses should be so explained indirectly as to be treated by them as your plus
points. Working for long hours and trying to learn the subject as fast as possible are some of the examples about your ‘Weaknesses’. Don’t touch about your weaknesses without being asked by them.

Why you think you should be selected for the job?
You must be able to clearly explain to them about your qualifications, your strengths in the subject and the special traits you possess more than your competitors for the job. 

How do you wish to see yourself after 5 – 10 years?
Tell us about your achievements
What are the important items of news in to-day’s newspapers?

Along with them, probable questions in SBI Interview may be on the following items:

RBI activities, RBI Act, Banking Regulation Act.
Differences between Fiscal and Monetary Policies.
Direct and Indirect Taxes.
Influence of Banking sector on the country’s financial sphere.

* DOs and DON’Ts during the State Bank of India Interview …

DOs …
# Wear formal dress. Keep your hair trim and neatly shave. Try to show the best attraction.
# Switch off the Mobile.
# Keep ready the Certificates relating to qualifications, experience and confirmations in the Order prescribed in the call letter.
# Immediately on entering the Interview Room, politely wish the Interview Board Members. Take the allotted seat with their permission.
# Try to keep your smiles alive in the interview room. It helps to conceal the tension and fear those naturally have with you.
# Even though a question is put by a Board Member, give your reply with eye contact to the other members also.
# Don’t hesitate to tell them that you do not know the answer to the question, whose answer you really don’t know.
# Answers should be clear and brief. Use examples, wherever necessary. Don’t use round-about methods in answering.
# While exhibiting a lot of interest in the interview process, try to make them feel that you are the most suitable person for the job.
# While testing the job knowledge, the Members will be keenly observing about the candidate’s intelligibility in the answers.
# Attentively, hear the questions and start answering only after the question is completed. Don’t intervene while the question is still not complete.
# Even though you got the questions, you thoroughly prepared, answer them naturally. Not as if you got them by heart.
# On completion of your interview session, convey your thanks to the Members.

DON’Ts …

# Don’t wear fancy clothes like Jeans and/or T-Shirt.
# Don’t give incorrect answers presuming that they also do not know the correct answers.
# If you don’t know the answer, admit it – don’t try to give some answer.
# Don’t be inattentive during the Interview session. Don’t try to overtake the Members with loud voice; vary the modulation of your voice as per the situation.

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