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Andhra Pradesh 26,00000 Farmers Loan Waiver List

Andhra Pradesh government kept the loan status list in it’s website http://apscbsportal.ap.gov.in/loanstatus. The A.P. government published it’s first phase Loan Waiving list in it’s official website http://apscbsportal.ap.gov.in/loanstatus. Andhra Pradesh farmers who are seeking the list of Loan Waiver list can check their names in this website. Total 26 lakh farmers of Andhra Pradesh were freed from their loan burden in the first phase of loan waiver in Andhra Pradesh.

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Mr. Chandra Babu Naidu promised the farmers of A.P to waive their farm loans, gold loans and loans below Rs.1,00000/-. Keeping his promise he took steps to waive the loans of farmers soon after he became Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. The first list of loan waiver is now available in website www.apscbsportal.ap.gov.in.

Click here for Andhra Pradesh Loan Waiver List: http://apscbsportal.ap.gov.in/loanstatus 

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