Why Some Candidates Fail in Competitive Exams?

Some candidates attend too many competitive exams, and practice a lot but fail every time to achieve a rank with minute difference. Why? Where is the fault? How to prepare for the exam? If these are your questions, then you should understand that “competitive exams are different from the regular exams”. It is what experts say and one should follow some special techniques to become successful in those exams.

Studying up to degree and writing exams is quite different compared to the exam pattern and getting marks in the competitive exams.

There is a lot of difference between the study and exams for degree and that for writing the competitive exams. Academic exams are just for a qualification whereas the later is for getting a job. This is what the candidates should have clarity when they are preparing for competitive exams.

Academic Examinations

In degree there are important and not so important topics in the subject for preparing to the exams and one can also get pass marks though they avoid studying some chapters. But competitive exams are entirely different.

Competitive Examinations

Here there is nothing like important or not so important. One has to study the total syllabus as mentioned for the exam. Not only that but one also has to read other books and topics related to the subject. The questions in competitive exams are also different and not in the regular pattern. They give more importance to test the candidate’s analysis skills and understanding of the subject basics.

Two types of Competitive exams

There are two types in the competitive exams:

  • Descriptive exam
  • Objective exam
  • Descriptive Type Examinations 

    In some descriptive competitive exams there is also a word limit for the descriptive questions. They may ask to write the answers within 200 words, 300 words or not more than 150 words. It means that the answer should be written briefly and with clarity. So instead of writing off everything one knew about the question, candidate should know how much to write and what important information to be covered in the answer. However the answer can be written with a grace of 10 words more or less than the specified word count and they shall not cut the marks for that.

    Those who write down all answers within in the stipulated time period in competitive exams shall always be ahead of others. So there is no point in writing off lot of information for some questions and not finding time for the other questions.

    There shall be good result if one can manage their time to write down all answers for the given questions. One shouldn’t also show more interest on writing answers for some questions and neglect the others. In competitive exams there is nothing like some questions may carry more marks or attempting some questions may only get few marks, as all questions have equal importance in allocation of marks. It is also not important as what has been written but how the answer is presented.

    In descriptive type exam, those who have the habit of writing fast can attempt all questions and shall also be able to write additional information related to the given topics in the question. So it is important to practice fast writing and one should test their writing skills by setting time limit and practice accordingly to increase their speed writing skills.

    Things to be remembered for Descriptive Type Competitive Exams

    While writing answers to the given questions, one should remember these things in exam whether attempting in English or the local language.There should be clarity in the answersThe answers should be specificThere should not be any spelling or grammatical mistakesThere should not be any spelling mistakes in the heading or names mentioned. Mistakes in the running matter are of not much concern.

    Understanding and concentrationThere is always a question that “Is coaching required for competitive exams? “

    No, coaching is not mandatory for everyone. There is no need of coaching for those who prepare strictly with dedication and commitment for the exam and those who have the potential to prepare on their own.For becoming successful in competitive exams it is important to have an understanding and concentration on the relevant subjects. This is possible with coaching. Mainly one can mentally become prepared for writing the exam. There is scope to compare our potential with others to know where we stand in preparation and how to improve our skills to be in the competition.

    Those who need coaching should focus on these issues:

    Coaching centerFacultyPrevious history
    There are so many coaching centers in every street. Some are started as soon as exam notifications are released. Some are always there offering their coaching and some are there to just cheat the candidates.Who is the faculty? What are their qualifications? Is everyone mentioned by the institute come for coaching or else just their names are being used for marketing purpose? What are their previous results? Are they just limited to advertising? Are they real? Is the material old one or updated with the latest topics.

    Is study material enough?

    Study material is very important for competitive exams. The coaching centers shall provide the material but that is not just enough. One should also read standard books covering the syllabus. Books published by local language academy, local university and national book trust should be read. Though there are so many books available in the market to prepare for competitive exams, one should take the help of experts in those subjects to choose the books.

    However one cannot rely fully on the study material. It is not that how much material has been gathered but what is necessary and based on the time how much one can write from it. One should also check whether information in the books is updated or not. Some may publish the books with the same old matter and may just change the cover to give a new feel. So, one should be careful while choosing their study material for that particular competitive exam.

    If we are looking at the local language- it is better to write the answers for descriptive questions in the usage language- it means like in the newspapers. There is no need of writing any poetry. We can write in the language that we speak. However using idioms makes the language more effective. There is no rule that one shall get good rank if they write only in the English language. There are so many candidates who have written competitive exams in local languages and have got top ranks in the all India level. 

    Objective Type Competitive Exams

    While answering objective type question paper one should be more careful as losing one mark may actually affect the rank and reduce the chances of getting a job. So every bit question is important.

    Questions given in this pattern are like this:

    Some questions are easy and simple.
    Some are tough.
    Some are misguiding to make mistakes.
    Where is United Nations organization located?
    Before United Nations organization which organization used to be there?
    Who is not the president of United Nations?

    Syllabus and exam pattern for Competitive exams

    Those who are preparing for competitive exams should first find out

    Examination pattern
    Gather old question papers and check out the details
    Speak to those who have attended for the exam and have got ranks / it is better to follow seniors advice and guidance.

    It is also very important as to how you start the answer. Based on the first paragraph the examiner evaluates the candidate’s potential. As answer shall be the same for the same question it is hence important as to how one presents the answer. That means:

    Has the answer been started in a regular manner?
    Has it been in a started in a great way?
    Is there creativity in the answer?
    Has important information been covered?
    Is the answer elaborated unnecessarily without matter? Etc.

    Those going for competitive exams shouldn’t waste their time. Spending time for attending marriages, functions, and time pass outings should be stopped immediately. Those who remember that “no pains no gains in life” shall be able to enjoy the ultimate success.

    Inferiority complex or superiority complex is not going to help one in any way. One should have belief in their own potential and ability to achieve the rank in competitive exams.